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Crypto-currency is the newest rave, mainly because it advertises itself as a form of "free money" that stacks over time while you sit idly.
Due to the popularity of the concept, many crypto coins have emerged over the years, each with their value and tendency to rise or fall in value.
Like the crypto coins, so have new ways of generating them emerged, and one of them is through a program like Mooniz.
Enable users to pay with their unused processing power
Traditional crypto-mining programs work by using your GPU or CPU processing power to generate income through mining.
However, Mooniz takes this concept a bit further allowing people using any of your online services to pay up using their unused processing power.
A superior, ad-free content experience
Digital publishers, streaming platforms, content creators and online games no longer have to rely on customer's willingness to spend money or annoy them with pesky adds.
They can now Generate new revenue from previously unmonetized content consumption since crowd-sourced computer power will be used for blockchain mining, 3D rendering or scientific computing.
Also a traditional desktop wallet
The desktop wallet is an optimized application for CPU/GPU blockchain mining, distributed 3D rendering or scientific computing. Its revenue forecast makes it a means of monetization in itself.
All the money and progress that you make is bound to the account you create, and you can see your statistics both through the app and on the website.
Monitor your constant flow of income
Whenever you are not using the computer, you can set how many CPU cores will be used for the mining process, as well as set the PC to run scheduled mining operation between certain time intervals.
The app will display in real time the speed at which you are mining; the total current hashes processed, as well as their worth and the predicted earnings over a 24h period.
A new way to generate free money
Mooniz offers a non-intrusive way for publishers to capitalize on their customer's processing power in a non-invasive way, thus ensuring that all their hard work is eventually paid off one way or the other.









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Bitcoin Exchanges

What is a Bitcoin?

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There are many clever and dumb things that bitcoin entrepreneurs do. One thing that is useful is to distinguish them for you in advance – and this is the purpose of this series of videos.
Some of what I cover :
-Know thine audience
-Know when to take a side-side-side-side-side-side-…

published: 12 Feb 2017

When Banks Are Losing Money to Fraud – Transparency in Banking

Despite, “Crypto Wars,” banks are still losing money to fraud. In a report released this week, the World Bank found that banks globally suffered a loss of $44 billion in 2016, resulting in $8.5 billion of premiums paid to banks for fraud protection. In the United States, the cost was estimated considering the amount of money stolen from financial institutions which represents 1.7% of the country’s GDP.
I am appalled by these numbers for a few reasons.
First, the leading cause of this astronomic amount is credit and debit card fraud. Why? Because

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Mooniz is a Bitcoin mining platform and Desktop Wallet for Windows.
It aims to create a more efficient way to mine Bitcoin, while still being easy to use.
Unlike the traditional programs that require a lot of energy to mine, Mooniz uses a revolutionary way to mine Bitcoin
Mooniz offers a non-intrusive way for publishers to capitalize on their customer’s processing power in a non-invasive way, thus ensuring that all their hard work is eventually paid off one way or the other.
Traditional programs use a lot of energy to generate money. With Mooniz, you can use your computer’s processing power to mine. This way, you can mine faster, and use less energy than with traditional methods.
Mooniz uses an innovative system to generate revenue. Instead of being used to pay for a service, the money generated by your computer’s power will be used to mine for Bitcoin. Thanks to this, you don’t need to continue to use your computer to mine for Bitcoin if you don’t want to.
Once your mining is done, your money is safe and secure. It will be stored in one of two natively encrypted wallets: either a hardware wallet or a paper wallet.
The software also offers a Monero mining feature.
What’s New
Removed the ability to generate Bitcoin Cash
All Mooniz features are free to use.
It is entirely donation-based. If you wish to donate, you can do so by clicking the “Donate” button on the home page. All donations are processed through the Bitcoin address: 16g5zcn4tY2fxgdjn2xvw4qGqbB5oZJ8pzZg.
If you wish to learn more about what I’m working on, subscribe for free on YouTube:

Today we will be discussing how to choose a crypto coin that doesn’t suck.
The only course of action is to research thoroughly, and I am confident you can do this. No one can completely know about everything going on in the world of crypto. That is why I have created a list of sites that can help in your search for the best coin out there.

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1. Ease of use
2. Transparency
3. Free to use
4. Revenue forecasts
Learn more:
Why mining?
Why blockchain?
Why Mooniz?

published:23 Jan 2018


In the past, high power consumption for desktop computers was seen as a big issue. Thanks to technological advancement and particularly to the first direct current (DC) to DC converters, DC home computers are now within reach.
In this video, we will talk about the following topics:
-Overview of the project
-Applicable technologies
-Future plans
The camera I use is an off-the-shelf Nikon camera with the kit lens. While as a matter of fact, any DSLR should be fine, the one I use is particularly known to have noise issues. I can anyway disable the noise reduction and take pictures as soon as they appear. This therefore does not change the picture quality of the computer or the final product.

published:15 Nov 2017


Bitcoin is free money. If you’re looking for a way to make free money, this guide gives you some ideas.
Let’s connect:
Welcome to the Earn Free Bitcoin tutorial.
Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer Internet currency with a network of nodes that store and transmit transaction data.
So how do they do it?
Let’s look at an example.
We’re nearing the end of our first transaction that we’re going to do on our Paytm wallet in this example.
A user has entered “Yahoo” into the Paytm search bar.
So we are going to change that into a transfer that is going to pay out in Bitcoin.
Now this is the user’s wallet that is holding the private keys.
So whatever Bitcoin do, if you have the private keys, you can do anything with it

What’s New in the?

MOONIZ is a desktop wallet that creates a new form of income.
Through crowd-sourced computing power, MOONIZ monetizes a wide range of content which can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies by connecting users to the MOONIZ platform.
The concept allows users to pay for online services with their unused computing power.
For example, a publisher could generate free content, but host it in their server, using the crowd-sourced computing power of their visitors.
The publisher could thus monetize their free content without any pre-agreed monetary exchange.
Content paid with MOONIZ can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies which are bound to the platform, and any coins generated could be used to pay for additional online services, or donated to charity.
A desktop wallet for content monetization
MOONIZ has a portable desktop app which is web-based, allowing any website to monetize their content through MOONIZ.
MOONIZ’s built-in desktop wallet makes it easy to access coins from any computer. The user simply installs the desktop wallet and connects it to the MOONIZ platform.
MOONIZ Description:
MOONIZ is a desktop wallet that generates new form of revenue, crowd-sourced computing power.
Through crowd-sourced computing power, MOONIZ monetizes a wide range of content which can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies by connecting users to the MOONIZ platform.
A platform for content monetization and crowdfunding
The monetization of a content using MOONIZ relies on the MOONIZ network. It’s an Ethereum (ETH) based blockchain, which is designed to provide a decentralized computation power to enable MOONIZ content monetization.
MOONIZ’s native crypto-token (MOON) is bound to the MOONIZ blockchain and will be used by publishers to pay for the MOONIZ platform. The platform is similar to a cryptocurrency-based crowdfunding platform:
MOONIZ is a content-driven cryptocurrency-based crowdfunding platform that allows anyone with a good idea to secure their funding by harnessing the power of people’s computing power.
Monetization through crowd-sourcing
The MOONIZ app allows users to generate MOON with their idle computer, by letting them mine MOON. Through MOON mining, the MOON token can be used to pay for computing power (CPU or GPU) and tokens can also be donated to a community of interest or a charity of choice.
Users are rewarded for their participation and help

System Requirements:

Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
Intel® Core™ i5 – 2.8GHz / AMD FX – 8120 – 2.3GHz
Memory: 2 GB
Display: 1024×768, 1366×768, 1600×900, 1920×1080
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti / ATI Radeon HD5850
DirectX: 11.1
Hard Drive: 20 GB
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti / ATI Radeon HD5850
Internet connection