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Kinship Plotter can tell you how two people in a family tree are related. Ever wonder if someone is a second cousin twice removed or a third cousin once removed?
Trying to calculate those type of relations can be tricky. Kinship Plotter can quickly provide that information.







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Kinship Plotter is a Windows application that uses the MS Excel workbook known as the interrelationship matrix. The
interrelationship matrix is a table with two columns of people in each row. There is a column for the family
membership and a column for their relationship. If two people are related they have the same column for both
columns, if they are not they have different columns. This program is designed to fill in that matrix and can be
used to determine first, second, third or fourth cousins once removed, first cousins twice removed, and more.
Kinship Plotter Specifications:

Excel, Microsoft Access, OpenOffice (with third party libraries) or CSV, comma separated values.
C++, C# or Java.
Windows-based on any Windows operating system.
Single user windows application. Multiple users mode available.

Kinship Plotter Alternatives and Equivalents:
Kinship Plotter is currently not listed on CNET. Kinship Plotter is not listed in CNET’s Windows category.
A search on Google did not return any Kinship Plotter results. Compare it to the reviews below for alternatives.

Kinship Plotter Advantages and Features:
The following Kinship Plotter advantages and features separate it from other software products:

Flexible. The interrelationship matrix can be as simple or complex as the user needs it to be.
Simple to use. The easy to use interface allows the user to work in minutes what it would take other software to accomplish.
Versatile. Kinship Plotter can be used on very small or very large families.
All software versions have significant upgrades, are enhanced versions of previous versions, and are released frequently. Kinship Plotter is always available, free, and free upgrades are provided frequently.

Kinship Plotter Disadvantages and Weaknesses:
The following Kinship Plotter disadvantages and weaknesses separate it from other software products:

Hardware Required:
Kinship Plotter requires Microsoft Excel.

Kinship Plotter Alternatives and Equivalents:
Kinship Plotter is available on all Windows based operating systems:
1. Free Sources: Google Search For Kinship Plotter Results:
2. Alternative Paid Services: CNET Software Review:
3. Kinship Plotter Alternatives

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Kinship Plotter is a free application that graphically displays your family tree by graphically displaying your family tree as a graph of your ancestors. It does this in three steps. First, it draws your current family tree. This can be up to 100 people deep. The second step is to convert your current family tree to a new more manageable family tree. The third step is to graphically display your new family tree.

To Find the results of Kinship Plotter click on the “Show Results” button to view the results. There are 3 main results views: The Relationship Finder, The Ancestral Order, and the Descendants View.

The Relationship Finder provides an interactive way to quickly find out which two family members are the closest relatives. With just a few mouse clicks, you can find out the relationships between all people in your family tree.

The Ancestral Order provides a historical view of your family tree. It displays all the ancestors and relationships in your family tree. Your family tree starts at the present time and you can see the relation for each ancestor and their parents.

The Descendants View provides a way to view all of the descendants of the people on your family tree. The view can start with you, go down a few generations, or go all the way back. And there is a timeline that you can use to find the parents of the children.

Kinship Plotter Features:

Graphical Family Tree view

See who you are related to

See relationship between people

Search for your relatives

Ancestral Order

Descendants View

Graphical Relationship Finder


* Kinship Plotter requires Java 1.6 or higher

* Kinship Plotter requires to be installed in order to work (it is free to download and run).

* Kinship Plotter requires a screen size greater or equal to 1024 x 768

* This product will not work in any browser other than Firefox 3.5 or higher

* This product requires Java 1.6 or higher.  Java version 1.1 or higher is suggested.

* This product does not provide any warranty, and is designed to be used for educational purposes only. Kinship Plotter is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

* Kinship Plotter is *NOT* a web application. Kinship Plotter is a

Kinship Plotter Crack + Patch With Serial Key

Kinship Plotter is an Excel add-in that helps you quickly determine relation among family members and which people are related to each other. This add-in can also help you organize your family tree. Kinship Plotter can help you:
      * Calculate relation between any two people in your family tree
      * Sort your family tree and create a hierarchy
      * Troubleshoot to see if you have some invalid relations
      * Organize your family tree with branches, levels and nodes
Kinship Plotter can tell you if two people are parents or siblings, or if they are two
second cousins, cousins, great-grandparents or some other relation. 
It can tell you about the relationship between a person in your
family tree and another one in your database, so you will know what
database to put in your family tree. Kinship Plotter can also
easily print a  family tree.
Run the Kinship Plotter
In the Kinship Plotter toolbar, click the drop down arrow and select “Run”. Enter the family member with the unknown relation to the person you wish to know the relation of. Select this person in the left column, in the right column click on the red search icon and select “Run”. Voilà, it will tell you who the person is and how they are related to you. The Kinship Plotter Online Demo can show how to do it.
1. You must enter the information needed to calculate who is who, as well as who needs to know who. Enter the information in the right column.
2. Click ‘Run’
3. Enter the information needed to calculate the relation in the right column. Click ‘Run’.


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What’s New In Kinship Plotter?

Kinship Plotter quickly plots all the known cousin relationships in your tree. Just enter the names of people and their families (or how they are known) and Kinship Plotter will quickly plot who is related to who.
It also provides links to the database containing more information about these family relationships.


## Download

* [Windows](
* [Mac OS X](

## Install

> [Don’t use Powershell!]( It’s for *PYTHON* not *python*.


## Quick Start

1. Click the **`Install`** button to install this application. (The window will close.)
2. Type **`kinploter`** in the command line.

> `kinploter` will open a [Kin-Kui Kinalogy]( window. If you are familiar with *Kin-Kui* you can click on the different lines that connect distant cousins to each other.

*As noted above, don’t install this application with Powershell.*

## Official Website

More information about this open-source project can be found on the [official website](

## License

Kinship Plotter is licensed under the [MIT license]( See the [LICENSE.txt]( file for details.

System Requirements For Kinship Plotter:

Windows 7
Windows 8/8.1
2GB RAM (3GB recommended)
4GB available space
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