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Additional goals and improvements in AI and player intelligence have been introduced in FIFA 22, giving players more opportunities to be involved in the flow of the game and move forward in attack. A new Focus Mode has been introduced in FIFA 22, designed to focus the attention of the AI when defending.

The most significant feature of the gameplay is “Instant Dribbling” where the ball changes directions instantaneously in the middle of an offensive move, in contrast to the current method in which it changes direction instantaneously after it has been touched. This allows players to be more fluid in their offensive moves and find more opportunities for scoring, putting the ball into the path of the player.

HyperMotion Technology

At the core of FIFA 22 is a revolutionary gameplay experience powered by “HyperMotion Technology.” This groundbreaking technology leverages motion capture (MoCap) data collected from real players playing a complete high-intensity football match in motion capture suits. This data is then used to dynamically change player animations and player control on the pitch.

The simulation’s physics engine is updated to improve ball and player movement and recreate the fluid feel of real football. Players also have greater fitness and stamina, more intelligent, reactive and agile AI, increased ball awareness and better tackling decisions.

The key to achieving a realistic and exciting artificial football experience is combining real-life motion capture data and high-fidelity physics simulation with footballers who are world-class athletes. Performing a MoCap exercise in motion capture suits is one of the most demanding tasks that an athlete can face because it requires them to have to perform in a highly dynamic, intelligent football environment, at peak performance, to get the most out of their training and the motion capture suits.

FIFA 22 includes all-new “HyperMotion Technology” from EA Sports. “HyperMotion Technology” is powered by real-life player data, which is collected during motion capture exercises performed in high-fidelity motion capture suits. “HyperMotion Technology” makes the player more intelligent, responsive and agile as it adapts gameplay according to the situation, challenges and the player’s current performance.

These new gameplay improvements make the game more immersive and create a more realistic football experience. “HyperMotion Technology” has been implemented across all aspects of the game, from the dribbling and passing to the ball control and positioning.

“HyperMotion Technology” provides players with more control when drib


Features Key:

  • Play as 32 authentic global & national teams and compete across official match modes and official player contracts.
  • Featuring “Superstar Head-to-Head Mode,” this year’s FIFA Ultimate Team challenges will put your tactical wits to the test. User-controlled superstars, aided by strategic advice by unique FUT Head Coach Pele, will take it to the edge this year. There are also two new play & challenge modes. Big new feature is the inclusion of free agents (FUT Draft) for the first time.
  • Create the Ultimate Team, recruit and evolve a powerhouse squad with all-new motion-capture tackling, player attributes, and tactics. Create and customize your team using mobile devices or console. Create challenges and challenges and set in-game tournaments. Use FUT cards to customize the playing field, give your team extra abilities, and unlock whole new squad options.
  • Match Up in player collision, dribbling, crossing, and shooting/passing power.


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The FIFA franchise is the world’s most popular and authentic sports franchise with over 100 million players. With FIFA, the creative challenge is to get the ball into the goal and the crowd on their feet. Start your journey as a young footballer and work your way up the leagues in the iconic career mode. Then lead your team and compete against the world’s best with the chance to become a FIFA Legend.

What’s new in FIFA 22?

FIFA 22 World Cup Brazil™ Update

The new FIFA World Cup Brazil™ Update brings a brand new host nation to the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup™: Brazil. This year’s FIFA World Cup™ continues to deliver the most comprehensive and authentic World Cup experience of all time. The new Brazilian nation brings the colors of a beautiful host nation, new stadiums and unique local sights and sounds.

New features in FIFA 22

This year’s FIFA World Cup™ promises to deliver new ways to play. FIFA Ultimate Team™ has been developed to give players even more ways to build and customize their dream squad. In Career Mode, FIFA Ultimate Team™ will give every player their own unique portrait. A new Ignition Engine will make short, quick passing and dribbling even more realistic. New Animation system delivers a greater level of flexibility and responsiveness than ever before. There will be enhanced control of the ball in attacking situations to enable more refined attacking options, and defenders will have more precise control of their positioning.


Long-Overdue Online Feature: Joga Jogo. An online multi-game experience that allows gamers from all over the world to play FIFA online against friends or complete challenges in a global competition.



This year’s FIFA World Cup™ includes two host nations: Brazil and Mexico.


72 teams including all 6 UEFA national teams and 32 teams from the CONMEBOL region (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela and Bolivian qualifiers). Brazil and Mexico also play in this year’s FIFA Confederations Cup™.


152 matches will be played in this year’s FIFA World Cup™.

Match types:

All matches will be played with standard time. Matches will not be tied, time played will not


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Purchasing FIFA Ultimate Team Packs lets you put together the perfect squad of superstars and legends to form your own dream team. Explore the player market to hunt for bargains or spend your hard-earned cash to acquire the highest-rated, most highly-coveted players to assemble a team that truly stands apart. This is the ultimate collection of superstars and legends.

The Journey – Connect with the game on an even more personal level with a deeper, more immersive story-driven campaign that puts your actions directly into the heart of the story. Players will explore new places, play an active role in the drama unfolding around them, and experience the story through unique visual perspectives.

PES 2019 promises to deliver a range of major changes, including improved online multiplayer, customized tactics and the way you control your players, a deeper and more realistic experience and improved visuals. PES 2019 supports all controllers except third-party Bluetooth controllers such as the Pro Evolution Soccer Pad and PlayStation Move Controllers.

The game will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this autumn.

PES 2019-UT

PES 2019-UT will allow players to create their own player in three different modes: Football, Mixer and Selector.

Football – Player creation options include beard length, hairstyle, head size and eye size, as well as appearances and body shapes. Favourites, kits, attributes and equipment can also be customized during player creation.

Mixer – PES 2019-UT will introduce a selection of new downloadable characters. These characters are created using various downloadable content items that players can acquire at various points throughout the main game. Players can then choose from a wide range of customizable characters, including avatars, hairstyles, equipment and numbers.

Selector – Players can create their own custom team using real players from any country. Player attributes, training methods and equipment can all be customized in the custom team editor.

PES 2019-UT will utilize the new coaching system, allowing players to perfectly plan and control the way their players perform on the pitch. PES 2019-UT coaches have the freedom to choose formations, styles and even to hand-pick tactics and substitutions to create an entirely new feel and experience to the game.

Improvements to tactics will include a coaching system that is more dynamic and imitates real-life football, more fluid positioning and player options during football.



What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • New DNA – each new way that you play makes you more and more like your favourite footballer. Choose from 50 different DNA Classes, each with their own characteristics to play, train and progress your footballing journey.
  • New formation and formation preview – preview new playing styles as team-ups are available. Pick the perfect formation, set the perfect formation preview, and test your new formation before you play.
  • Improved speed, passing, and shooting – over 40 new player attributes now speed up passes, assists and shots on goal to increase their effective power at forward speeds. Every ball played is now more anaerobically effective.
  • Replay improvements – new engine fixes make replays more exciting, immersive and smoother.
  • Dynamic camera – with new camera angles and viewing perspectives, cover and watch your team play like never before.
  • 3D depth post – captures the true depth and emotion of multiplayer, and brings the atmosphere of online matches right into your game. Move closer to your favourite team-mate than ever before. Request the ball. Mark passes.
  • Performance improvements – the AI has been upgraded, with improved behavior. Improve your team’s quickness by seeing just what the AI can do.


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FIFA (from FIFA Xbox 360 Edition) is a football video game series by EA Canada. The FIFA series developed by EA Canada is one of the most popular games on the market. Developed on a new FIFA Engine, the series continues to be the place for new innovation with each new installment. From the 2011 release of FIFA 12 until the newest release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on February 9th, 2013, gamers have already enjoyed over eight titles and counting. The FIFA series has earned more awards for sports game of the year than any other game.

The basic gameplay is to control a player with the aim of helping his team to win the ball, get past the opposing defense, advance towards the goal by dribbling, and kick the ball past the opponent’s goalkeeper into the opponent’s goal. Players can be on a team in-game, so each player has the ability to play a range of game modes. In FIFA, players are on one of two teams, although there are many other game modes in other sports.

What is FIFA Mode?

FIFA mode is a game mode that resembles the game’s actual sport, football. You play one of two teams on a pitch and try to score goals as your team. Although similar to the real sport, there are some things that you have to realize in FIFA mode before you get in a game.

The Pitch:

Because of its size and the fact that the pitch is a rectangular shape, the size will be different depending on the size of the television being used. In FIFA, the pitch size is small when using a television with a large display. When used with a display with a small screen, the pitch size will be proportionally larger than in real football. Therefore, players can possess the ball easier because their team is closer to the goal. In FIFA, the pitch is square and is considered to be 11 yards x 11 yards.

For FIFA, the rules of the pitch are modified and the height of the goal can be changed. When using the game’s default size, the height of the goal is set to 6 yards, but it can be lowered to 4 yards.

The Ball:

One major difference between FIFA and the real sport is that in FIFA, you play with a soccer ball. It is much smaller than the size of the real ball used in the real game. Therefore, if you are playing with the default ball size, it will be


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