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This year’s game will also feature “FIFA Vision,” new enhancements to the game’s visual engine. This new technology brings a new type of player- and playergroup-specific customization to the game. Players, for example, will be able to customize the way they look and the color of their player model.

The new features, along with two new control schemes in the game, will make FIFA 22 the most authentic football game ever.

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Read on for more information, including the game’s game play, the squad creator, the new game engine features, game modes and more.

FIFA 22: In-Play Gameplay

FIFA 22 introduces “In-Play,” a new mode that adds a new layer to game play. The game is organized by sets of play, and in-play essentially gives the game a real-time strategy feel.

After setting up the play, the football match begins, and play progresses by way of a series of “stages.” Each stage has a set number of actions and time objectives for the player.

Goals can be scored in stages, and the result of the match is determined after a 10-minute or 120-minute game has been completed. Players can even utilize defensive tactics and goalkeeper interference to earn a victory by negating key goals for the opposition.

Stages, which can be activated by pressing the “Stage” button, affect gameplay in several ways. For instance, stages automatically deactivate player abilities, create cones of play to restrict movement, introduce power dribbling animations, and turn off a player’s passing ability.

Through the use of stages, players have greater control over the game. They can use the in-play mode to streamline the game play and deliver the ultimate match experience.

Improved Player Movements and AI

The game has been completely revamped from the ground-up to deliver a sense of “presence.” The new features all revolve around player movements, which have been greatly improved in the game.

A player’s “on-ball vision” has been strengthened in the game, making players more aware of what’s happening right in front of them.

Players can now sense what’s going on around them and will automatically adjust their movements based


Features Key:

  • FXAA Tuning – this added option lets you set the level of anti-aliasing to adjust it for your monitor. Pardon players with a different texture quality setting.
  • Shake to Win – this replaces throwing a coin to shoot a goal from the penalty spot. With unlimited players, you’ll see the ball roll in all directions.
  • Hyper Motion Gameplay – enables accurate ball control, gives the ball a power kick, slows reaction speed, and allows improved dribbling.
  • International Team Pick-up – rebuilt with a smoother and more realistic player selection.
  • Crack Ski Radar – this improved version of the classic ESPN-style Radar – notably more accurate in terms of knowing whether a pass actually has arrived or not.
  • True Player feeling – this sport sensation feature improves in-game players’ subtle expressions like a fans watching their team play by continuing to grasp their emotions and increase feelings of skills when you hit a homing pass or score.
  • Generate dream teams – saved highlight reels of key moments re-created player traits and skill. Defined these events as memorable memories in the future.
  • First touch vs first touch – this mode looks closely at your post’s first touch – who, and how, the player made contact. (or the lack of) This feature makes an inflection in the field of view as the impact of the player lessens or increases.


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FIFA is football in its purest form. It has been called “the sport’s equivalent to cinema” by Steven Spielberg, and millions of gamers play the world’s favourite football video game every year.

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The most authentic football video game! Play this free game anytime, anywhere and against anyone.

The most authentic football video game! Play this free game anytime, anywhere and against anyone.

Get closer to the real thing with fundamental gameplay innovations and a new season of innovation across every mode.

What are the fundamental gameplay innovations in FIFA 22?

FIFA 22 brings fundamental gameplay innovations from the football world, including:

Improvements to visuals and visual effects, with more natural player animations

Higher authenticity standards, with more licensed player models and higher resolution

Focus on creating gameplay environments with more variety in goal and penalty areas

A new feature: The Shot Intelligence System

FIFA Ultimate Team

Get closer to the real thing with fundamental gameplay innovations and a new season of innovation across every mode in FIFA 22 for iOS.Download FIFA 22 for iOS DevicesThe most authentic football video game! Play this free game anytime, anywhere and against anyone.

Download FIFA 22 for PC/LaptopPlay on PC with FIFA 22. With FIFA 21 for PC on the way, FIFA 22 is the best choice for the long-term FIFA fan who wants to relive the experience of playing the game at home on a big screen with friends and family.Download FIFA 22 for Android TabletPlay on any size screen with FIFA 22. FIFA 22 for Android Tablet delivers the best gameplay


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An all-new way to connect with FIFA Ultimate Team. The biggest game mode yet, featuring all new gameplay, original storylines and individual player stories, and Season Mode.

FIFA TOP MOMENTS – FIFA Top Moments is a new way to experience the most iconic goals, celebrations and crowd reactions of FIFA. With new camera angles, replays and social media integration, FIFA Top Moments marks the biggest way to show off your favourite goals to friends and family.

Challenge Mode –
For the first time in the long-running franchise, FIFA Challenge mode will feature a revamped Career Mode that rewards players for their all-round ability, allowing them to create a personalised journey that leads them through the ranks. A new Online Leaderboards system shows the best players in the world, with players’ own ability validated and compared to the rest of the world, against a range of achievements and competitions.

Matchday – Season Pass holders will be able to experience new Matchday features, such as the Spotlight Match (the biggest league match of the week), the all-new League Final Showcase (which includes FUT Leagues and tournaments) and the brand new Analyse Tool.

Training Sessions – With Training Sessions, players can enjoy new features, such as the 24-hour sprint, the player development levels, which determine training sessions, and the Ultimate Conditioning Training session, which sets a fitness goal for a player and brings them into peak condition for their next match.

Current Season Players – FIFA Ultimate Team is also home to the biggest collection of current players. FIFA Season Pass holders will be able to enjoy the biggest roster in FIFA history, with players in every position at their peak of form.

FUT Leagues and Tournaments – For the first time in franchise history, the new FUT Leagues system will offer more ways to experience FIFA Ultimate Team: a weekly system will bring in the biggest league matches of the week, while the new FUT Leagues and Tournaments system will offer competitive, localised competitions that will bring a new way to compete with the best players in the world.


Deadball Control – It’s the biggest change ever to how players can take the ball and control it, and how players can react to it. Players’ all-round ability matters, from dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting and shooting accuracy, heading, heading accuracy and crossing


What’s new:

  • FIFA Ultimate Team’s Depth and Variety.
  • Brand New Player and New Stadiums.
  • Six New Captains.
  • Ability to take over a Defensive Midfielder when playing on a Grandstand.
  • Safeguards and improvements to Retake and Penalty Shootout.
  • The National Teams have full group formations and 2 and 3 CB formations.
  • New Improved Goalkeeper Trajectory.
  • Still relevant with the latest rules in the Youth Cup.
  • Leaderboards Showing which players are considered among the best for their position.
  • No Futsal rosters for the Granular Midfield category.
  • Multi-language improvements.


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FIFA is the best-selling sports series of all time, and EA SPORTS FIFA is EA SPORTS™ FIFA’s top-selling series. FIFA is the most played sports title of all time, with over 200 million registered players and over 1 billion gameplay hours. The EA SPORTS FIFA franchise has sold more than 100 million copies worldwide.

FIFA Ultimate Team

FIFA Ultimate Team is the most popular mode of EA SPORTS FIFA, where you construct the ideal team from the best players in the world. You manage and develop the stars of the future, and compete against your friends in matches that reward skill and strategy over pure luck. Earn coins to buy packs with top players, or take your roster into a Draft Room to watch the stars grow before your eyes. No matter how you play, the best part of FIFA Ultimate Team is the community around it. Connect with others who are striving for greatness and grow your own team’s greatness.

The Best Soccer Action on Smartphones and Tablets

EA SPORTS FIFA is the official video game of FIFA, the world’s most popular and widely respected football organization. FIFA in NBA 2K means the action and intensity of the sport are brought directly to your mobile or tablet, at the speed you expect from your favorite games on your favorite devices.


FIFA 22 is the biggest and boldest release of the EA SPORTS FIFA franchise yet. For the first time ever, every single FIFA mode is powered by a deep connection to the core game engine and state-of-the-art technology. This not only drives a more responsive and authentic gameplay experience, it also creates new ways to play and enjoy every mode in the game. This year’s FIFA experience is bigger, bolder and better than ever.

Deep Player Intelligence Powered by FIFA Intelligence

With the biggest update in FIFA history, we’re harnessing the full power of the game engine to provide deep context-sensitive intelligence for every player on the field. This enables the engine to learn at a new level, and better contextualize and understand the way you play. This also means that we can continue to enhance player behavior and performance on and off the field. With the right controls and input, we can even challenge players with more accurate AI teammates in certain situations, such as when playing an opponent that has more possession.

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System Requirements For Fifa 22:

**Windows Operating Systems**
Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7
**Mac OS X Operating Systems**
OS X 10.8.5, 10.10.1, 11.0.1
**Minimum Storage Requirements**
25 MB for all content
**Hard Drive Space**
25 MB to store your copy of the expansion
**Additional Notes:**
Expansion is only available to owners of the original game.
The expansion requires the original game and is sold separately.