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Players with enough technical precision and awareness should take full advantage of the enhanced Viscosity on the ball.

All-new Blocking Mechanics

New technical blocking mechanics of mobile camera movement include crouching and standing, an on-the-ball option and a move-and-counter option, making it easier and more enjoyable to block to initiate attacking moves. On the field, Player Intelligence will recognise more of the opponent’s attacking moves and allow more precise and aware positioning and reactions.

New Defensive System

Increased pressure from the opposition will encourage players to stay in their position and show more bravery in defensive situations, in response to the technical blocking mechanics. The greater focus on attacking football is reflected in the new Defensive System, with teams able to use pressing more aggressively and opponents having more room to use the ball.

Defensive Intelligence will offer players more choices when blocking in order to take away unnecessary damage, but the defensive AI will not concede unless an overload of pressure is given. In addition, the AI will increase its defensive presence from Interception off the ball to Interception on the ball to make players think twice before taking a risky forward pass or shot.

New Off-the-Ball Tactics

Off-the-ball “patience” will be a significant addition to the game; allowing the player to stop attacking the ball if they spot a teammate or the goalkeeper more than half-way into their dribble, or a teammate with the ball who makes a run into a promising area. The new “patience” mechanics will allow players to find more space to shoot from, as well as allow a teammate or goalkeeper the time to catch up with the player.

The Off-the-Ball Tactics system will now be accessible in training sessions, as well as when you’re on the ball; allowing more opportunities to practice with familiar settings to help you move into a new area of the pitch.

FIFA Ultimate Team

Build a team from over 1,300 FUT players and unlock football memorabilia like team editions, add-ons, merchandise and more using real-world currency. The more you spend, the more you’ll unlock.

Be an All-Star: Prove your skills against top players in FIFA Ultimate Team matches. The best performers will earn more coins to spend on FIFA Ultimate Team packs.

State of the Game



Fifa 22 Features Key:

    A-Z Guide For FIFA 14/FIFA 15/FIFA 16
    Play the Catch-up Series from FIFA 12 to FIFA 14/FIFA 15/FIFA 16, with Dr Aranjaporn Sasanjaeng, TSC’s Game Designer

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Now you can join the worldwide celebration of football with FIFA. The game lets you live out your own sport fantasy, create your own tournament and play against friends. FIFA puts you right on the pitch in the most authentic gameplay yet, where every tackle is real and every goal counts.

Create your ultimate team and compete in FIFA Ultimate Team™ mode, where you can manage your player’s development, acquire new skills, and compete against your friends and the global community.

Develop your skills on the pitch – improve your ball control, vision, and dribbling – or hone your overall game with the new FIFA Training Mode.

Battle your friends in FIFA Seasons™ mode, which plays out real-world matches and contests against friends.

Explore a vast world of clubs and stadiums in Career Mode, where you can manage your player’s development, acquire new skills, and compete against friends and the global community.

In FIFA LIVE, EA SPORTS brings the world to your living room – play online with friends in real-time or join parties to compete against each other.

FIFA anticipates the whole pitch with new Ways to Play and innovative in-game technology to deliver the most immersive experience yet.

FIFA is a trademark and FIFA logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. or its affiliates. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Modify a player’s skills to make him a better long ball receiver.

Introduce the new Full Shot and Short Shot buttons.

Added the ability to choose freely between passing directions (e.g. right/left/up) or to select the direction of shooting (e.g. forward/right).

Added the ability to choose freely between free kicks that are shot outside the penalty area or from within the penalty area.

Added new passing animations.

Added a new impression effect that occurs when the player touches the ball.

To improve ball control, you can now modify a player’s foot work.

Modified dribbling animations.

Added the ability to choose freely between the manual and the automatic shooting direction.

Added new animation effects, including rolling, sprinting, and jumping.

Added the ability to check a player’s physical condition.

Added new pitch textures.

Added new crowd reactions


Fifa 22

Build your Ultimate Team of Professional Footballers across multiple game modes and compete with gamers from around the globe in the ultimate team experience.

Enter The Squads – Challenge the best Squad Battles on FIFA Ultimate Team throughout the game to unlock the Squad Battles, tournaments, and The Squad Showcase.

Manager Your Way – Build and manage a squad of players in your Fantasy team of choice and compete with your rival Manager opponents in the Manager Rankings.

Pro Evolution Soccer
Pro Evolution Soccer returns with its biggest, deepest and most comprehensive game ever – with loads of new features, modes and improvements to create the most authentic football experience.
Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 also introduces a completely new fan experience, including scenes of crowd involvement that will have you jumping out of your seat to play. It will also feature an English Premier League licence, allowing fans to experience the action at one of the most famous leagues in the world in the game.
Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 will also include a story mode, with eight dramatic scenarios. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 will also have a new online League Director match and a new 4-on-4 tag team mode.


Wii U

New Features

Like its predecessor, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 takes full advantage of the Wii U GamePad and the unique features of the Wii U hardware.

The game features a left-and-right split-screen using touch controls, allowing two players to play on the GamePad and one on the TV.

The touch controls include players controlling a user’s movements, using the virtual GamePad screen as a giant touch screen.

Gamepad players can also use the GamePad to control the movements of virtual teammates using the touch screen, allowing the player to control a player’s entire avatar with a swipe of the player’s hand.

The player can also use the GamePad and touch screen to control a shield, when coming into a tackle, and can use the GamePad to kick the ball, run, dribble and pass.

The players can also use the GamePad and touch screen to control a virtual camera, and zoom or adjust the view of different screens.

Champion Series

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 has announced that it will include a brand new series of tournaments, called the Pro Evolution Soccer Champions Series, where players will compete to reach the League Winner Tournament and League Cup Final.

The League Winner Tournament will feature eight teams with international players and players from lower echelons in the


What’s new:

  • New Passing Mechanics – Players’ options to pass improve their aim for accuracy based on distance covered and usage of chips. Passes are easier to perform with weapons, and overall better accuracy.
  • New Player Personality – Improve your players’ interaction rate based on their personality traits. Be a leader and dictate the pace, or play the long game and calm the others. Players reflect their personality in player reactions, how they interact with teammates and opponents, and more.
  • Players Now Descend in Style – The player HUD in FIFA has been completely redesigned to better mimic the player’s on-field visuals in-game. Players now descend like the real-life players they model, and curve to the left and right at the correct angle to avoid contact. Be careful when making your season or tour-match predictions.


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The FIFA franchise has sold over 200 million game licenses worldwide, and more than 95% of those players are connected to a club. The series has won over 250 Game of the Year Awards.

FIFA Ultimate Team lets you join one of more than 400 licensed teams and earn a place in the best football league in the world. Choose your favourite player and take on friends across the world in head-to-head matches.

Simulate your favourite club’s match day in Career Mode. Create a club, build a team and progress through the seasons. Win trophies and earn promotions along the way.

Challenge players around the world in the unique online modes including Online Seasons™, Online Leagues, and Online Friendlies.

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FIFA 20 is the best football game ever made. We will never say that again.

FIFA 20 is packed with new and improved gameplay, more authentic and immersive stories, massive stadiums, realistic crowds and authentic-looking players.

It features an all-new Physics Engine that sees far more unpredictability on the pitch – with the ball reacting more realistically and the game more authentic and balanced.

Pro-sumer intelligence has also gone into delivering all-new collision, ball control and dribbling mechanics. Players now behave more intelligently in both attack and defence, and the feedback on-the-pitch as you use your players’ skills has been completely overhauled.

With more card-based tactics, coach-led team talks and tactics than ever before, FIFA 20 provides deeper tactical and strategic options as you lead your team to victory.

Alongside all-new leagues, Champions League, and World Cup features, FIFA 20 introduces an all-new Journey Mode, which lets you create the ultimate team and bring it to the top of the world in an epic global story mode.

Join us at EA Play!

FIFA 20 will be available on PlayStation4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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