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World-renowned video game developer EA Sports has partnered with One Vision, a motion capture and measurement company, to capture real-life player movement data using state-of-the-art motion capture technology. This motion capture data is then used to power an improved version of the simulation engine, FIFA 22, as well as FIFA Mobile.

HyperMotion Technology works by overlaying the in-game characters – players in FIFA 22 – on real-life footage using reference footage (i.e., the real players themselves) to add a higher level of accuracy to the game. This data is then fed into the game’s simulation engine to create a more authentic and responsive on-field experience.

The data is tracked by EVS, a local measurement company that has been part of the FIA Formula E Championship since its inception. They have collected the data used to create game balance and are providing input from this reference data to the crew to ensure the data used in FIFA 22 is as accurate as possible.

“We’re always looking to improve our technology, and we’re excited to partner with EVS to capture real-life data in motion to help further develop FIFA in a way that is uniquely FIFA,” said Matt Pharr, general manager of FIFA. “The simulation, animation and physics are FIFA’s bread and butter, and we’ve set the bar high for ourselves to create a new generation of football simulation. This is just the first step in a long journey, and we’re looking forward to doing more with EVS.”

“After partnering with EA for years, now we are proud to team with them again as they commit to further developing FIFA,” said Vanessa Jacobs, EVS CEO. “We’re excited to help bring the world’s best football game to life, and we’re proud to be the reference for this process.”

HyperMotion Technology in action

FIFA 22 introduces players’ celebration animations inspired by real-life celebrations based on millions of motions captured from real-life players by EVS. In addition to celebrating goals, players can throw their arms up in the air after taking free-kicks or penalty kicks, which can be seen in the trailer.

The in-game player animations are integrated directly into the HyperMotion technology so that they can be used in conjunction with real-life player


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • FIFA 22 introduces new ways to play. The smarter CPU means FIFA plays better and faster.
  • The new Game Director Mode lets you have more complete control over almost every aspect of the game. You can make use of it to improve overall gameplay.
  • The Seamless Match Engine allows for 30 real-time players on a single pitch to tackle each other as the game operates as a continuous flow.
  • FIFA 22 fixes the uncontrolled ball on a table when playing on a high-definition TV.
  • New dribbling controls let you perform smoothly and comfortably in the penalty area.
  • The ball acoustics — with the right music — makes those thunderous shots sound like cracker-smashing ones.


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FIFA is a football simulation game in the football genre. Players take charge of a team in an attempt to achieve success in the simulation’s four game modes:

• UEFA EURO 2016 Squad & Tactics

• FIFA World Cup and Club World Cup squads and tactics

• 2018 FIFA World Cup squads

• 2018 FIFA World Cup squad, tactics and customisation

We’ll tell you more about them in a bit.

How does it compare to previous versions?

Like we said, FIFA 16 was more about cosmetics and overall visual improvement than gameplay. We’ve now been able to introduce more physics, character models, animations, clothing, hairstyles and more.

We’ve also included many of the smaller changes and improvements from FIFA 17, so you’ll find many things that feel familiar for the fans of the series. Most notably, we’ve started again from scratch with the new Club Match Engine to deliver the best in-game experiences. On top of that, some of the structural changes we made in the engine have also resulted in better player performance, including improved blocking and receiving, as well as better dribbling.

What can you expect from this version, then?

FIFA, like all soccer simulations, is renowned for its ever-developing gameplay systems, which allows for new dynamics and challenges through the years. This year’s FIFA – FIFA 22 – has benefited significantly from all of the recent innovations and has introduced a number of brand new features.

In FIFA Ultimate Team, the biggest change is the update to the Player Leveling system, which players can experience immediately. This year players will receive more experience points from making plays and goals that can be spent to fill the Player Leveling bar. Players will no longer level up at the same pace as before.

FIFA 22 introduces a new ‘Become’ feature, where players can gradually unlock elements of their team through unlockable items.

On the pitch, we’ve overhauled the A.I. for the MUT Global Series, bringing it closer to human-AI relationships and AI personalities. This provides a more challenging match up, where players will need to adapt their strategy to match the AI they face.

FIFA 17 introduced the Club Match Engine, a game engine that renders the game as if a stadium was around the player, helping us to better


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With 18 million users worldwide, the FIFA Ultimate Team brings the action of FIFA back to the core football experience. Build your dream squad of authentic football players, collect and develop your football skills, master the art of tactics, and compete in big time, bite-sized FIFA gameplay.

FIFA Ultimate Team introduces brand new gameplay features and rewards, including trading, in-game challenges and more.

Hit the pitch with more freedom and unpredictability with new and improved player movement. Dynamic player movement has been re-tuned and makes for more exciting gameplay.

Discover new scoring and defensive mechanics to win more competitive matches. With more ‘off the ball’ action, more direct challenges, and dynamic defending, you will be able to score, compete, and celebrate like never before.

During gameplay, you will earn coins and FIFA coins that can be redeemed for packs of cards, and unlock rewards and rewards for team selection, customisation, and more. This is the most comprehensive offering in the history of the FIFA series.

The most realistic player faces yet, with new player models and animations, improved male and female player faces, and a new context sensitive face engine that creates more realistic looking faces.

Discover new direction controls, more active movement, and more aggressive defensive and offensive movement. Turn heads with more realistic tackling, more timing-based dodges, and more overhead swipes and flicks.

Hover over a rival player on the pitch to see interactive animations. With a variety of defensive and offensive animations, you will find out just how fit you are in your corner and throw-ins.

Take your team to the centre of the action with dynamic new stadiums, including stunning new designs, stadium walkways, and new crowds.

Play and train as your favorite team in this comprehensive series of in-depth Leagues that contain all the major leagues, cups, and qualification pathways for the new FIFA.

Gamers can now compete in online tournaments that use the new brand-new Leagues and Leagues Pro selections.

Create your own club, navigate


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Pro Player Intelligence: Players are upgraded based on their real-life training status and performance in FIFA 22 to make you feel more connected to the player as you play him and harness his potential.
  • New Skills – New moves and decisions are added to football’s most iconic skills. Continuously improve soccer IQ with new special abilities that you can choose and adapt throughout the year.
  • All-New Maneuvers – All-new agility, dribble, and control-based in-and-out, flip, wall and lunge moves are added to give players various tools and options with the ball.
  • HyperMotion Technology – Play with faster footwork and more explosive footwork. In-game physics are enhanced with a more dynamic and intense player model that adapts to your style of play while you dominate on the pitch.
  • New Agent Contracts – Disruptive types like Hulk, Marco van Basten and Patrick Vieira all have new contracts that allow them to accumulate more contract points and provide benefits, from renegotiating more lucrative transfer deals to scoring additional captaincy points. And in agreement with Dutch star Paul Pogba, you can now sign him to a new contract should he not agree to renew his three-year contract.
  • Fully 3D World – All the interactive elements of players, stadiums, crowds, logos and kits from the past decade and more are in the game.


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FIFA is the world’s leading creator of sports video games. This year we add to that legacy with an all-new season of innovation. With FIFA 22, the only essential football experience is finally more essential.
FIFA is the world’s leading creator of sports video games. This year we add to that legacy with an all-new season of innovation. With FIFA 22, the only essential football experience is finally more essential.

What are The FIFA Moments?

When you play FIFA, you’re living in the moment. The FIFA Moments are experiences in the game that create your FIFA player. It’s your story, your journey – and it’s like nothing else in football. You’ll be introduced to new abilities, developed your favourite team and played how you want to play. Unlock new approaches for how you play the game, for how you interact with your opponents, for how you play in the five game modes and for how you play in your quest for player of the year. Play different in every way to unlock the ultimate FIFA Moments.

Battle Play: Personalise your team and modes

The Battle Play content in FIFA brings to life the world of football as you imagine it. From the drama, excitement and drama of overtaking opponents, to the thrill and tension of winning the ball through skill and intelligence. To create a new way to compete, more than a new game is needed. Therefore, Battle Play has evolved into a service, accessible at no extra cost to all players.

Play our five new modes:

Play with friends through Invite a Friend for free.

With thanks to FIFA Ultimate Team’s popularity as a service, you can play with friends at no extra cost and be guided through in-game challenges to play with them, whether they are a rival player that you are facing or a real opponent you have in FUT.

In FUT, challenge your real-world opponents against each other. In the single-player Story Mode, you can play players from all of the game modes, clubs and national teams.

Play Arcade Mode: Master your skills through challenges

FUT and Story Mode also allow you to discover Skill Games that tests your new abilities.

Play with your choice of controls.

Play as up to three different players on the pitch in an online match.

Play different in every way to unlock the ultimate FIFA Moments.

What is FUT?

FIFA Ultimate Team is the FIFA game mode


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