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Compound Instinct Tactic System

This is a brand new feature where players can feel the benefits of teamwork and tactical change by simply pressing the correct button!

Real Player Motion Capture

Every player now plays out of the boots and on the move! Similar to real football, the real player motion capture technology is used to create more realistic dribbling, shooting and passing mechanics.


Kick-Off is back, and it’s even more dynamic! The ball explodes off the ground as it rebounds with more varied and unpredictable behaviour based on your actions on the pitch.

New immersive and atmospheric Ultimate Team Experience.

In FIFA Ultimate Team, your starting squad will be made up of real-life players, complete with stats and history. A new full squad screen will make it easy to find under-valued players and change your lineup. Your Ultimate Team squad will form an important part of your player progression in FIFA.

Add the “Maximise your Touch” multiplayer challenge.

Be the first to complete a goal with a touch in a one-on-one challenge between two players of your choosing.

Introducing player ratings in EA SPORTS FIFA 22!

New to FIFA 22, EA SPORTS have added player ratings based on a player’s on-pitch and off-pitch actions during a real-life high-intensity football match. During the match, data was collected from every player’s on-pitch and off-pitch movement, such as sprinting speed, tackling, positioning on the pitch, dummies, offside, off-sides, interceptions, loose balls won and lost, ball played backwards, or goal assists. The player ratings are then used to augment the new player-made player attributes, creating a more authentic and complete player experience, like never before in football gaming.

Audio Updates

Following the release of FIFA 17, EA SPORTS have continued to enhance and improve the sound quality of the game. EA SPORTS are continually listening to the feedback of the game’s massive community of players and are continually updating features to improve the experience of all players.

FIFA Ultimate Team in FIFA 22

Now you’ll have to play the new “Ultimate Team” mode if you want to spend your FIFA coins in your game. This new mode in FIFA 22 brings a whole new set of rewards, which gives players an opportunity to earn rewards for their favourite


Features Key:

  • *Featuring teams from across the globe including for the first time Africa, Asia, Australasia, Oceania and North and South America
  • *Play as over 1,000 official team kits, and more than 65 player kits
  • *Play as 10 iconic clubs, and be the goalkeeper
  • *Choose from over 5,000 real-world player names and take on all 10 jobs and 22 positions on the pitch
  • *Understand your gameplay with live player and coaching feedback
  • *Play in all-new immersive one-touch match mode. Capture goals with first touch, or avoid pressure with your smart headers and punts


Fifa 22 Free Download

Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of footballing talent on the planet. Play the Games that Count. FIFA offers the most authentic football experience in video games, with all gameplay modes (Be a Pro, Teammate, and more), player likenesses, and gameplay mechanics recreated in game. FIFA is constantly evolving.


Play FIFA with the most authentic roster of over 10,000 professional players, more than one third of whom are from Africa. Play in leagues like the English Premier League and the German Bundesliga, manage your team as you wish, and experience the thrill of every match.

Over 30 leagues and over 200 cups

From European leagues to the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Africa, and South America, there are over 300 official tournaments to play for, over 30 official leagues to play in, and over 200 official cups to compete for. Play football in leagues where records are meant to be broken, be the winner of the UEFA Champions League and FIFA Club World Cup, or, get the ultimate prize by being crowned Spanish La Liga champion.


It’s up to you to lead your team to success. Call audacious tactical plays, unlock new players by fulfilling pre-set expectations, and decide the fate of your team at the conclusion of the season.


Earn, train, and evolve player traits and positions. Customise your team and its tactics in an all-new Manager Moments panel. Play the way you want, on your terms, and take your team to any new heights.


My Career – Connect with friends to share and compare the best plays, tactical decisions, and individual goals.

– Connect with friends to share and compare the best plays, tactical decisions, and individual goals. FIFA Ultimate Team – Jump into a digital version of the Squad Battles arena where you build and manage the ultimate team.

– Jump into a digital version of the Squad Battles arena where you build and manage the ultimate team. FIFA Mobile – Play at your own pace, manage your team, develop as an individual, and more.

– Play at your own pace, manage your team, develop as an individual, and more. EA SPORTS Football Club – Create your own league and manage a growing team of players with the most complete


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FUT celebrates 15 years of FIFA Ultimate Team in FIFA 22. A massive range of improvements have been made to the way FUT works in FIFA. Key features include Discover Weekly, Live Scores, Ultimate substitutions, multiple FUT stages, and other significant additions.

Live in The World – Play as a manager on the fields of your favorite clubs and compete in FIFA’s complete set of leagues. Live out your fantasies as you manage a team of players in European leagues such as La Liga, the English Premier League, or Serie A. Live out your dreams as you take on clubs in your favorite competitions, such as the UEFA Champions League. In addition, all-new fields such as Camp Nou or St. James’ Park have been created for you to manage. Train your stars to become world-class pros from all corners of the globe in FIFA Ultimate Team.

In addition to the above modes, FIFA 22 also introduces the first-ever Career Mode for female players. This playable mode allows players to create a player from scratch, and compete in separate leagues for women.

UI/UX improvements
The FIFA series has improved its use of both on-screen characters and the in-game HUD on FIFA 22. The new in-game UI now has a light and dark theme which was developed in partnership with Squarespace. The PlayStation 4 edition of the game gets a user interface overhaul, with features such as the news and transfer list on the left side of the screen, as well as improved FIFA Ultimate Team form.

Madden NFL
A new MyTeam feature in Madden NFL that allows players to further customise their settings, including change colours, update their hairdresser and detail to their in-game shots or teammates.

Players have the option to choose between a regular camera and an isometric camera, which can be toggled in and out from the main menu. Players can also customise their players’ field of view, and set their favorites and away teams.


FIFA 22 received positive reviews. In the review, GameSpot praised the game as “a return to form for the series.” IGN praised the game’s Career Mode, saying “the new Career Mode in FIFA is unlike any other sports game we’ve played, and it’s exactly what we were missing from the FIFA series.”

FIFA 22 was a best-seller in November in both Japan and the United Kingdom. In Europe it was the first


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