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Here is everything we know about HyperMotion technology

Establishing the right frame of reference

PES 2019 is accurate and incorporates physics

The basics of what NFLX has been doing with Player Movement Precision (PMP)

Selecting the correct animation data for a player

Teams utilising Player Movement Precision (PMP)

Why were you using a clothing label for EA in a tweet?

The “HyperMotion” name was first announced back at E3 2019, when EA explained the data collected from a range of players playing a particular match would be utilised to enhance the performance of FIFA 22. At the time we thought this meant that “player movement” would be captured and that a new mechanic would then be implemented.Ethan: “It’s basically captured data, which is then changed and used.”On April 15th, EA held an in-game conference call withFIFA Insider and spoke more about the feature.View our post from April 15th for more in-depth details.During the call, senior producer at EA Sports explained the data captured was captured from 22 players while playing a game in full-motion capture suits. Players often wear several similar suits to reduce fatigue. Players are then able to stand on a special treadmill which captures movements and assists the players in playing the game in a “free-flowing manner”.EA were comfortable with including the word “HyperMotion” in the FIFA 22 title, despite previously suggesting the data captured was “player movement”.“Every single thing captured by this technology has been provided to us by the broadcasters to make sure that we are capturing it in a way that is most appropriate. So we have double and triple validated what’s been provided to us and used in other modes to make sure that it is a finished, perfected form of the data.”(h/t)The team are now working with broadcasters to find out “what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s off” and this includes multiple teams that have played a game in full motion capture suits.This data is then tested in the matchday offices, which is when the team also assesses which data is best suited to activate and when.“Obviously a handful of athletes that have done it have given us specific feedback…which we’ve been using as a starting point to go through the whole process again.”The data being captured and the way it is activated


Features Key:

  • Offers the greatest number of gameplay options and control over the ball of any in-game football title;
  • FIFA Ultimate Team – collecting and building your dream squad is the ultimate goal in FIFA Ultimate Team;
  • The Ultimate Team is now available for purchase;
  • New fictional league allows you to select your favourite club for the new Professional Era;
  • New conditions of play will change the way you approach training, tactics and your play;
  • Granular control over your in-game squad;
  • Stunning graphics and new features;
  • Challenging AI and over 500 new animation variations;
  • Collect and customise 71 Pro Kits;
  • New kits and visual appearance of the ball;
  • New broadcast interaction including social media integration;
  • Deus Ex Deus – single-player then online multiplayer battle – FIFA™ Championships begins here;
  • FIFA 22 brings you more ways than ever to play, earn, unlock and enjoy authentic football fun;
  • New hilarious mini-games and activities;
  • FIFA in 360 – realistic controls in all directions;


Fifa 22 For Windows [Updated]

FIFA has sold over 100 million copies worldwide since the game’s launch on September 27, 1999 on the Dreamcast. The franchise has taken the world by storm, with FIFA becoming the best selling football series of all time with over 210 million players having enjoyed more than 600 official tournaments.

FIFA fans worldwide can experience real-life gameplay moments like never before. FIFA 22, available in October for PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC and October 11 on Nintendo Switch, makes the game more immersive than ever, bringing the game’s iconic environments to life with stunning 3D and next generation gameplay, all delivered by an all-new Frostbite engine.

FIFA 22 introduces a new DNA meter. It’s the new player rating system that examines players in every aspect of the game, from physical attributes to endurance, speed, defensive and offensive ability, mental acuity, positioning and flexibility in order to place players into three distinct categories: ‘momentum players,’ ‘natural creators,’ and ‘pure finishers.’ The DNA meter is a key measure of player quality and can be viewed at the bottom of the game’s screen. All players can also receive ratings from coaches and scouts, allowing coaches and scouts to influence and help shape their respective player’s rating.

In FIFA 22, players will be further able to shape their preferred play style and roles based on their traits and abilities that are measured by the meter in the form of an RB (‘runs between the backline and the opponent’s goal), ST (‘touches the opponent’s goal’), LB (‘challenges and tackles the opponent’), C (‘controls the ball and initiates attacks’), D (‘gets inside opponents’ defensive block’), F (‘helps other players to score by providing a through ball’) and GK (‘defends opponents’ goals’).

FIFA 22 introduces new camera angles, including a first-person camera and an intelligent off-ball camera that provides increased context on important actions throughout the pitch. This unique camera can be rotated independently for every player, offering a revolutionary new approach to video analysis, as players can be filmed from any angle.

New features also bring more freedom to players with the introduction of ‘Customisation’, where players can level up traits to make


Fifa 22 Free [Latest]

Build the ultimate team of players with authentic FIFA gear.
EA SPORTS FIFA Ultimate Team is FIFA’s official standalone game mode where you build and manage a squad of 11 players from real world legends like Pelé, Maradona, Pele, Zidane, Ronaldo, Henry, Beckham, Messi, Dalglish, and Roy Keane.
Build your own squad of up to 350 real players and fight for championships with rival managers. Earn points and coins, and exchange them for Players, Packs, Stadiums, Training Phases, Squad Transfers, and much more, all from the world’s biggest stars.
New Combos and a new Duel System bring more ways to make plays and keep your rivals on their toes.

New Franchise. New Power
New Power! Yes! New franchise! New power! Come for the Power, stay for the Franchise! Play in the new FIFA power play mode with ATTACK and DEFEND modes. New Goalkeepers. New Targets! We have new targets! We have a new goalie! For more information, please visit the Official Web site at

MyPLAYER Cards – Show your real skills in FIFA, and earn medals and awards. You can put your skills to the test by showing off in the new MyPLAYER Mode, where you can win training challenges and trial the new Ultimate Team mode.
Club Cup Mode – Play online multiplayer matches to test your skills and earn medals for every club. We have a new competition system for clubs to work on, that puts you in direct competition with clubs around the world. All clubs have plenty of cash to spend on the latest players, and clubs will be rewarded for success on the pitch.
Match Day – Movements from everywhere in the game are brought to life in an all-new Match Day mode. You can now drive the team bus, press conference, bench, and team board. You can also take over as the manager and play one of your favorite players and build your dream team.
New Player Body Language – The players’ facial expressions will change to show their mood, and perform new animations on the pitch.
New Player Interactions – New controls and new body language will increase player options on the pitch. Players will change their behaviours when receiving the ball and crossing the ball. They will also react to contact better.
Communicate with your Teammates – Players will


What’s new: