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With FIFA 20, it became easier than ever for players to truly express themselves in-game, but it also created new challenges for the development team, who were forced to dynamically scale gameplay from the field to the pitch, and back again in a short period of time. “They’ve got to be able to quickly change that muscle memory to reflect gameplay, as if you’re a real human player on the real pitch,” explains Lee Haslam, executive producer on FIFA.

With FIFA 22, the development team has gone one step further. Every animation and action that players make is now powered by the movement data of at least one real-world player, and every game mechanic is now tied to the individual behaviors of each player. To take this even further, the development team has used motion-capture suits to collect even more real-world data – or player movement data – that can even better inform a player’s movement and interactions on the pitch.

To help players understand these game mechanics and make more informed game decisions, new training tools have been added to FIFA 22 including more tutorials to help players master key game mechanics and objectives throughout the season.

“We want to bring a level of authenticity to the sport that we haven’t had before,” says Haslam. “You can absolutely interact with the in-game world and adapt your own player’s individual behavior, but having real human-captured data at the heart of it takes it all to the next level.

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Features Key:

  • FIFA 22 introduces the world’s most connected online services for Ultimate Team; up to 4GB of RAM available on PC, 4GB on console. The innovative new Experience Mode feature allows users to check out 360-degree highlights and videos from the most popular teams and players in the game.
  • FIFA 22 introduces Let’s players in Career Mode, which gives you a step-by-step guide of how to use the game modes in FIFA, as well as the instructions for more advanced gameplay.
  • FIFA 22 introduces the return of goalkeeper and goalkeepers.
  • FIFA 22 introduces player ratings and player ratings tiers for pro gamers and FIFA Ultimate Team. This feature will give you a way to rank your players so that you can determine where you will find the best FIFA players in both your male and female Pro leagues, and finally offer an easier way to tell exactly how great your ultimate team is.
  • FIFA 22 introduces specific LIVE-TICKING aim assists and shooting assists depending on the player type and circumstances, giving you more control in crucial moments.
  • FIFA 22 introduces more than 100 new facial expressions and facial expressions in player models.
  • FIFA 22 introduces additional Player Crucial Attacking Vision Circles to showcase players’ support zones, which help you better judge their role in the attack and build tactics around the player.
  • FIFA 22 introduces new Navigation Controls for Improved movement, which provides a graphical indication and tactile feedback of your direction and speed of movement, as well as a display of your next target.
  • FIFA 22 introduces additional Player Playing Styles for shots taken from specific distance cues. All shots taken from those specific distances will be displayed with their specific Player Playing Style highlighted.
  • FIFA 22 introduces FIFA Insider Dossier, which will focus on your club, leagues and all your FIFA competitions. It will keep you informed of the latest stories, video footage and player news, as well as feature various competitions and goals.
  • FIFA 22 introduces Overcurrent, showing the direction your shot is going to take and the corresponding hit location
  • FIFA 22 introduces new Player Dribbling Behaviors, allowing for more instinctive and natural player touch on the ball
  • FIFA


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    EA SPORTS FIFA 22 is the game that captures the passion of the global game community as it guides players to create the next great moments in football. EA SPORTS FIFA 22 delivers authentic football at the highest level, giving every player the opportunity to defy what’s possible on the pitch. With an all-new 3D match engine, pitch intelligence and more, FIFA 22 is the deepest, most realistic football game in the franchise’s history.

    Key Features

    Deep integration of player intelligence – Football intelligence is essential to create the highest level of realism in games. Significantly improving the representation of skill, fitness, stamina, and strength, the player’s performance will fully react to the match situation. New intelligent AI adapts players’ behavior based on situations and opponents. Match your teammates’ actions and build a winning strategy together.

    Meaningful tactics – Tactically engage opposition players by controlling midfielders. Build-up play from the wing means your team’s strikers can roam more freely. Pass the ball and run, drag the opposition out of position, trap a defender by attacking a different side. Utilize set-pieces to score on the break, or put in a player that’s able to score a memorable goal in the final minute. Employ your team’s strategies to counter your opponents’ plans and achieve your goals.

    Unprecedented flexibility – Create a team of superstars. Mix and match the best in your arsenal: speed, agility, strength and endurance. Intelligent AI adapts to your tactics, giving you the freedom to play the game your way. Create unique player archetypes and dominate opponents from a variety of positions on the pitch.

    Innovative new live pitch technology – As with every year, the FIFA franchise improves the representation of the global game community through its Live Pitch Technology (LPT). With advanced use of 3D Match Surface data, the ball will smoothly fly through the air, smoothly hit the ground, bounce and roll, land, and fly through the air again. The added benefit of LPT is that the amount of time a play takes will be more realistic than any other football game. Whether you’re dribbling around the opponent or shooting on goal, the dynamics and trajectory of the ball will remain true to the real-world experience.

    An arsenal of star players – With improved physics-based player collisions, FIFA 22 brings the game even closer to the real thing, accurately representing players’ natural movements.


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    Bring the best from the past, present and future of the beautiful game to life with the most authentic FIFA ever. Unlock an enormous range of player and team cards in order to build your dream team and dominate the game like never before.

    There are more ways than ever to customize your own stadium. Design your pitch and your stands to create a unique atmosphere for your team, with all the bells and whistles to ensure every match is a spectacle. The more you customize, the more atmosphere your stadium will generate!

    Ultimate Team Tournaments –
    Challenge yourself to take on the Best of the Best from around the world in custom tournaments on Xbox Live, PSN or PC. Play head-to-head against other players to see who is the best.

    The most immersive Career Mode on the planet – The new Player Career Mode is the most immersive football experience ever. From every minuscule detail down to the most important, everything that happens in the game has a direct impact on your player. An intelligent and fully simulated agent that plays every game as if he’s you makes for a more realistic experience where you can really get involved in the game and make a difference on the pitch.Ajoh Logik

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    What’s new in Fifa 22:

    • XIEN Team of the Year
      • UEFA’s XI of the year will be revealed in March 2018.
    • Ball Physics.
      • Improved ball physics to reflect the modern game, where decisions are made off the ball
        and various movements are more realistic.
      • New Player Vision, including using predictive data to prepare for contact.
    • Console Local Match Broadcasting.
      • Enjoy playing on console as your broadcast is streamed live from your console to the PS4.
        Listen to your broadcast on your PS4 and watch it on PS4, PlayStation TV and PS Vita.
      • Xbox live broadcasting.
      • Local player broadcasting.
      • New camera angles.
      • Allows you to ride any player in a vehicle – jump into any car, climb into a truck.
      • Perform tricks on a motorcycle.
    • The latest kits are available to create from the Material Editor.
      • Design your favourite team, goalkeeper and select your kits for both the team and goalkeeper in the Material Editor.
      • Clicking on the motif on the boots will allow you to pick any pair of boots you like.
    • New Face Off system for the goalkeeper.
      • Select from two goalkeepers per team with unique playing styles.
      • Choose your goalies from the Material editor.
    • Style your goalkeepers kits from the Material editor.
      • Choose from a variety of bespoke kits – featuring kits with sponsors, names
        and logos from your favourite clubs, and from the top kits from the most important teams in the world.
      • Personalise each goalkeeper’s gloves – pick from all the teams options or create your own.
      • Choose from 11 base kits and 16 Lifestyle kits.


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    FIFA is the most popular sport on the planet and it’s all made even better with FIFA, the official videogame of football. FIFA 2017 includes all-new features and enhancements to create the most authentic gaming experience to date, plus all the fun of the next FIFA World Cup™ as you represent your country in the new FIFA World Cup™ Mode.

    EA SPORTS FIFA releases have become some of the best-selling sports videogames of all time, with millions of fans around the world around the league. They are also beloved for the passionate community they have always had, providing fans with the ability to be part of the greatest game in football.

    “In just a few short months it will be time for FIFA World Cup™, and we are extremely happy to be able to bring our biggest-ever edition to the game with new features and enhancements that will further enhance the experience for our players around the world,” said Executive VP of EA Sports, Jeff Brazill. “We are excited to announce the gameplay changes that are made for FIFA 17, and the importance of what we hope fans will take away from the release of FIFA World Cup™. If you have ever thought about playing, playing, playing FIFA then FIFA World Cup™ is an experience you should consider.”

    Key Features

    The FIFA World Cup™ is on its way, and FIFA 17 for PlayStation®4 and Xbox One is the perfect way to experience your favourite country’s finest tournament. The game now features extensive new content for the FIFA World Cup™ including the new World Cup Mode, which will represent each of the 32 teams at their very best with detailed stadiums, thousands of new custom kits, new gameplay modes, and an all-new World Cup trophy. Players will also be able to experience the ultimate party atmosphere as they cheer on their favourite team around the world.

    FIFA 17 also brings a completely re-engineered Career Mode that now includes new Career Seasons, giving you more options to customise your profile and experience, which include more leagues to play in, more competitions to win, more player acquisition and more prizes to earn. Experience the best clubs in the world as you recruit and manage your teams from across the globe.

    New Features

    • FIFA World Cup™, where you can play as your favourite country’s national team to qualify for the World Cup™, experience the pinnacle of football at the World Cup™ and compete for the coveted FIFA World Cup


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    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
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    Graphics: Intel HD 4000 or AMD R7 260X
    DirectX: Version 11
    Storage: 2 GB available space
    Additional Notes: Requires a restart to install.
    Processor: Intel Core i5-45