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Ferrari is a brand known for its fast and beautifully crafted cars. Ferrari Windows 7 Desktop packs several images with nice sports cars into a theme.
The program has a simple interface that should be very easy to figure out by users from everywhere around the world.
As mentioned, the theme includes five different wallpapers with these powerful cars. If you don’t want to display any of these, you could simply clear the checkboxes next to the respective thumbnail in the Windows Desktop Background area.
Also, you can randomize the order in which they appear by enabling the “Shuffle” option from the interface.
Furthermore, you can set the way the wallpapers fit to the screen by choosing one of the available options provided by Windows, namely “Center”, “Tile”, “Stretch”, “Fit” and “Fill”. With a resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels, the quality of the photos shouldn’t be affected, regardless of the option you chose.
Also, the time delay before the images change can be modified to one of the preset values, varying from ten seconds and building up to an entire day.
The image pack comes with a custom window color in a red hue and a sound theme.
The bottom line is that Ferrari Windows 7 Desktop is a nice collection of images that should satisfy all the fans of the “prancing horse”. Inexperienced individuals should find it quite easy to figure out how to install and customize the theme, thanks to the intuitive layout and the task’s overall simplicity.







Ferrari Windows 7 Desktop Theme Crack Activator For PC (Latest)

1- Click on Theme
2- Click on Theme Options
3- Click on Images
4- Click on Customization
A few things to Note:
1- Ferrari Windows 7 is a Free Download for all PC users
2-The person who has provided us with this theme is “Morpheus”, You can check out his profile by Clicking Here
3-Please contact him if you need any help.

Ferrari Windows 7 Theme Description:
Ferrari Windows 7 Theme is an amazing theme which is taken from the official Ferrari website.
This theme offers you five amazing images with a total size of 1.34 GB as multiple wallpapers, which are the following:

Rouge Ferrari

Ferrari Enzo 2006

Ferrari F430

Ferrari FF

Ferrari California Special

Features of Ferrari Windows 7 Theme:
5 Amazing Wallpapers are provided along with this Windows Theme.
You can adjust the wallpapers image position by checking on the checkboxes related to that.
You can also see these images in random order by enabling the shuffle option.
You can also change the size of these wallpapers by changing the size of the frames on them.
Check all this by going through the picture below.

You can adjust the image size by clicking on the border of the windows 7 theme.

You can also read all these options through the help center of Windows 7.

Installation of Ferrari Windows 7 Theme:
Just extract the package and you are good to go!

Ferrari Windows 7 Theme looks amazing on a Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 user!
The interface and layout of this theme is simple and amazing.

Ferrari Windows 7 Icon Theme is a theme is designed by a French designer that has used it to great effect.
The theme has provided 25 different icon sets in.ico format, which can be loaded into your Windows 7 system.

Ferrari Windows 7 Icon Theme Description:
Our Ferrari Windows 7 Icon Theme will allow you to change the look of your Windows 7 system. Ferrari Windows 7 Icon Theme comes with 25 different icon sets. These icons may be used to change icons for different applications on your computer. These can be changed from the “Themes and Symbols” tab on your Windows desktop.

As with any theme that is designed to be used on Windows XP, Vista and Windows

Ferrari Windows 7 Desktop Theme (LifeTime) Activation Code Free

Ferrari Windows 7 Desktop is a complete Windows theme for 2010 that brings five high quality wallpapers into one file.
If your desktop space is limited, you should try Ferrari Windows 7 Desktop, which has over 700 MB of space used on your system.
The free version of this program is ad free and allows you to change the images. In this context, the program includes five wallpapers of different themes, including a gorgeous one with a red colour scheme.
There is a colour chooser to pick the current desktop color and an option to generate your own colour too.
The default image is one that matches the suggested color. You can set this as the desktop background, and this is how it looks:

If you enjoy this Ferrari Windows 7 Desktop wallpaper, you can go for the Pro version for only $14.95 (3 EUR) from the official website. It offers a few more features, such as an option to select other wallpapers and other backgrounds.
In this instance, you can use as much as 2000 MB of free space on your computer and five more wallpapers that are stored in the same file.
This version also has an option to keep the wallpaper as the background permanently when you shut down or restart your computer.

The free and the paid versions of this program can be viewed at this page.
You can use the images on any type of display device. In our case, we used a computer monitor with a screen size of 1280×1024.
The pictures are of a large size. In our case, we have used a monitor with a screen size of 1920×1200.
There is a big space for the buttons.
The backgound is themed to Ferrari windows 7 desktop.

The bottom line is that Ferrari Windows 7 Desktop is a nice collection of images that should satisfy all the fans of the “prancing horse”. Inexperienced individuals should find it quite easy to figure out how to install and customize the theme, thanks to the intuitive layout and the task’s overall simplicity.

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Ferrari Windows 7 Desktop Theme Product Key Full Free Download

How to install:

1. Unpack the rar.
2. Place all files and folders to the appropriate folder.
3. Apply the Theme
4. Enjoy the theme.
To preview, right-click the theme, then select properties. In the properties window, select the details tab. Set the desired theme to startup and then close the window.

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What’s New in the?

Ferrari windows 7 theme is designed in a 5’s theme. It includes a completely new custom windoe color with a red hue. The full dashboard with the Pirelli logo. The whole background is decorated with the Ferrari logo to make the theme “personalized”. It also includes a sound theme and 5 unique wallpapers that compliment the theme with all the speed of a Ferrari.

Ferrari Windows 7 Window Color:

The image set is made of 5 attractive and high quality wallpapers. Each of the wallpapers will generate one of 5 selected primary colors from the theme and combine them to create your one of a kind secondary color. You can choose one of the 5 color options from the default setting or modify it to your needs.

Ferrari Windows 7 Theme:

The Ferrari windows 7 theme is not just limited to a single selection of one of the possible themes. Our designers have taken the time to design a complete theme with multiple themes.

Theme Name:

Ferrari Windows 7 Theme

Theme Language:


Theme Version:


Theme Size:

200 MB

Theme Author:

Ferrari Windows 7 Theme

Theme License:

Personal Use

Theme License Key:


Theme License URL:

Theme License Type:


Theme Version Upgrade:


Theme Support Email:

Theme Support Priority:


Theme Support Address:

xperms [at]

Theme Support Phone:

+96 32 706 01 48

Theme Support Time Zone:


Total Size:

209 MB

Theme Download Link:

1st Unzipped Theme:

205 MB

2nd Unzipped Theme:

3 MB

Theme Download Link:

1st Unzipped Theme:

205 MB

2nd Unzipped Theme:

3 MB

Theme Download Link:

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (32bit / 64bit)
512 MB RAM
1GHz Processor
1943×1366 Display
Download Game Trailer:
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Thank you for your support. Have fun!
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