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The Illusion of Legitimacy

“When did I become this person?”

An Elden that has joined the Game never knows how the Game began; all the Elden know is that they’re united in the hope of achieving their goal. This goal is the rank of Ordinator.

Nearing this goal is the story of Rise, Tarnished.

The Illusion of Gradation

“I want to erase this trifling existence… I want to change the world.”

In the name of the will to live, Rise willingly follows the Game and commits horrific crimes; and in the name of the will to die, Tarnished, who was corrupted by Rise, seeks to commit all types of monstrosities.

The Illusion of Empowerment

“I want to power to procreate with friends; that desire is what connects us.”

While Rise sings the praises of life and death, Tarnished cries out in loneliness for the birth of friends; such is the story of two people who once lived with great fanfare but now seek redemption in their own lives.

The Illusion of End

“I want to choose my own end.”

Fallen from the heavens without a thought, Tarnished and other Elden come into being in the name of Elden. Raised to the rank of Ordinator, the Elden decide the limits of their life through their own will.

However, after you and other Elden defeat Death, you come to realize that the picture of End is… much more complicated than that.

This is the story of Rise, Tarnished.

The Unity of Fate

“There’s only one wish, no matter what kind of wish it is.”

Rise experiences the tragedy of separation and still sticks to her dream.

The gravity of the tragic feelings of Tarnished grows deeper, and the loneliness of the God of Evil, Killens, becomes more intense.

Altering the fate of the Game to save the world from the divine fall, Tarnished and Rise unite together against the mysterious ‘end’.

(For better smoothness and cleverness of the story of Rise, Tarnished, the number of lines for continuous reading is about the same)

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • An unusual RPG where you are the protagonist. While taking on monsters, you can further advance your combat skills by developing your characters such as in an RPG.
  • Experience a world every bit as dynamic as the movie. With the variety of data and other contents related to story development, the game invites you to enter another universe with fresh and exciting battle.
  • Suspenseful battles. When you encounter large enemies who have attack capabilities equal to your own strength, you must prepare. You can also surprise opponents with attacks carefully prepared beforehand.
  • Immersive online environments. All of the game’s online functions are in line with the drama, and this, coupled with seamless gameplay and other features, make it easy to connect with other players.
  • Key Features of Elden Land

    • Castle: The location of this story of the Hills Between, where a dark shadow strikes at the Elden. Legends say that time has stopped there, and the appearance of a forest of black trees is instead a sign of unspeakable darkness.
    • Floating Castle: An underground network of underground cities. While researching the secrets of the Rocks Between, the Empire has brought a floating castle here. However, this castle does not move.
    • Goblin: The race of goblins is called goblins for their small stature. The Brotherhood of Nobility guards the Empire’s world order, and the goblins serve as the Empire’s mountain soldiers. In the extensive underground networks, the Empire’s long arm extends. In this way, the Brotherhood of Nobility works tirelessly to maintain peace and order.
    • Nobility: Through a series of influential events, the Empire has become prosperous, and the lords of nobility more than anyone else contributed to this. The Empire is governed by a strong brotherhood. In the vast territories controlled by the Nobility, sovereignty rules.
    • Arrowhead: The arrowhead is a tool not ordinarily utilized in this game. The purpose of the arrowhead is ‘arrowmanship’. ‘Arrowmanship’ is the ability to master the skill of using arrows with any


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      Elden Ring PC/Windows [March-2022]

      – Contents : All of the items that can be obtained in the game will appear in the player’s inventory.

      – Weapon : A weapon that is equipped.

      – Item : The user of a weapon or object.

      – Character : The appearance of the character.

      1. Go to the Battle Palace.

      2. Set the Battle Style, Equipping the items in the Item Scroll.

      3. Set the Battle Style, Equipping the items in the Item Scroll.

      To Begin: If you have registered the Battle Palace you can use the Battle Style that has the experience point of the player.

      – Tutorial : Click the Tutorial button to learn the basics of the game system.

      – Skill Training : Click the Skill Training button to learn the Skill of the Characters.

      Go to the character creator to create a character.

      – Select : Select the body type and gender of the character.

      You can also adjust the character’s appearance.

      – Appearance : Change the character’s appearance.

      – Appearance : Change the character’s appearance.

      The character can be changed to 4 levels by repeatedly pressing the C key or R key.

      – Create : Create a character.

      – Equip : Equip the items on the character.

      – Stats : Change the stats of the character.

      – Casting : Cast the skills of the character.

      – Equipment : Equip the items on the character.

      Equipped items are updated when it is equipping and re-equipping.

      – Skill: Level up the skills of the character.

      – Collect : Collect the materials of the enemy.

      – Equip : Equips an item equipped in the character.

      – Covered : Raises the work speed of the character.

      – Equip Capacity : Implements the maximum number of items that are equipped in the character.

      – Recall : Assumes the location of the item that was equipped.

      – Equip 3 : Implements the maximum number of items that are equipped in the character.

      For example, to equip items with +4 in the Level, press R, then press 4.

      – Battle : Begin the actual battle.

      – Character: Character of the player.

      – Current Equipment: The items equipped on the character.

      – Current HP: Health of the character.


      What’s new:

      —Official Trailers.
      —Japan Press Event.
      —Japanese Website.


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