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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
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Rating 4.23 / 5 ( 1047 votes )
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Tarnished is an action RPG set on a fantasy world. This game is an epic drama that is brought to life with the most up-to-date technology. As an adventurer, you will face your fears and embark on an adventure with your friends. In this world, the strongest and the most rebellious are feared; the kind that merges with nature and fights for survival. In order to survive, the protagonist will build his sword for final sacrifice.


Elden is a mobile game developer and publisher of South Korea, founded in 2009. Elder Scrolls and other PC games have been known for bringing excitement and enjoyment to players with their renowned sense of ‘gameplay’. Elder Scrolls Online has become one of the most popular PC games of the year in South Korea. As an online mobile game developer, Elder Scrolls Online has taken the quality and realism to the next level with stunning graphics, stunning 3D environments and a variety of exciting player-driven events.


Founded in 1986, ATLUS began as a publisher and developed its reputation for quality with successful titles such as the original BIND OF THE NINJA, DRAGON QUEST, and FINAL FANTASY series. In addition to publishing the first FINAL FANTASY, the company also developed the first FINAL FANTASY MMO, FINAL FANTASY XI. In the role-playing game genre, ATLUS has also developed popular titles such as the GALAGA series, the KINGDOM HEARTS series, and the STEAMPUNK series.


Cargames Games Co., Ltd. is a mobile game developer based in South Korea. Previously known as Maplestory Korea, Cargames Games developed SSM: Maid Simulator and MMORPG World 7 Empires.


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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.23 / 5 ( 1047 votes )
Update (12 days ago)


Features Key:

  • Customization: You can change a lot of things about the game, such as interface customization, view options, and resource management. You can even customize which aspect of the game you want to be involved in (e.g. Gems, Production, Trading). 
  • Defectives: When you complete a level, you also get an “achievement”, which is like a trophy. There are different types of achievements, and completion of them gives you access to different bonuses, such as +2 Production Buildings per Sea (if you can get at least 50 Defectives), or even a free turn per level of your choice (if you can complete at least 5 levels with no Defectives). 
  • Recaps: You cannot only receive achievements, but also achievements to get from the game a couple of times. You get the total amount of these achievements until 20 by default, but you can also have more, even up to 100. The more you have, the more achievements you get when starting a new game, although the amount of achievements you can get per level remains the same.
  • Also the game lets you trade resources with the crystals on board to gain access to different resources. This can be used to trade resources as currency to get more utilities, or to trade for a whole different resource with every single resource being able to be traded over and over again!

    A great game! Highly recommend it!

    30 May 2017 11:46:02 +0000 to Know if You Should Trade Gold For Crystals in your


    Elden Ring Download

    When I first heard of this game I was excited to finally get a chance to play an old game and I was doubtful if it would have the same effect as any of the other more modern rpgs I own. After a 20 minute demo I saw the potential it had and figured that with a few more hours of play it would be something I’d like to own one day.

    I love the concept of this game. It blends fantasy with rpgs and it really has a well put together game play. The art is really nicely done. I can tell what’s going on and it gives off a very good sense of a world filled with adventure.

    Where this game really shines is in online play. I did not have any issues when connecting to an online server. I had a great time playing this game and I know I’ll enjoy the entire game as I play more. It’s easy to see why this game was a remake of an rpg that had barely been updated in over a decade. It really gives off a great sense of mystery that I could imagine is what held my attention as I read the reviews online. I’m hoping that the online multiplayer does well with people who want to play longer compared to the online only mode. It’ll be nice to have extra content. You can check out the website at


    -Mark L. Tyson


    Release Date: September 22, 2013

    Published by: WildTangent LLC

    Pre-order Price: $14.99 USD for PC and $19.99 USD for Mac

    Platforms: PC (Steam), Mac

    Submit Date: September 19, 2013

    (Now purchasable on Steam for $9.99 USD and full Steam integration)

    RELEASE NOTE: The player can now purchase the game on Steam for $9.99 USD, and in addition the game is supported with online and asynchronous features, a powerful user interface with Steam achievements, an extensive interface and reporting system, and data backup and restore functionality.

    Details: The game was already released on Steam as a beta version with the following features:

    Asynchronous Multiplayer: Players can play in asynchronous mode. You start a game with some friends in the beginning of the game and the other players automatically join at their


    Elden Ring Keygen For (LifeTime) [Win/Mac]

    Being an Elden Lord is a mission unlike any other. As the first character to be blessed by the Cauldron, the fate of the Warring States rests upon your shoulders. Although you are nearly a god with great power, there is much you have yet to learn. Rise to power and prove your worth, and overcome the trials ahead of you as you work your way into the heart of the Warring States’ power.

    Battle system LIGHT MAGE game:

    LIGHT MAGE is a traditional fantasy light and dark force battle system that allows for party play with multiple characters.

    Tactics Game system FPS game:

    FPS is a first-person strategy RPG game that takes place in a fantasy world filled with dark and gloomy dungeons. Whether you’re fighting in a huge field of thorns or in a cave littered with corpses, this game is all about weighing your options in preparation for the battle ahead.

    Features CERTAINLY CALIFORNIA NOSUFF, a promising new game localization studio from the creators of LAST DAYS OF DECEIT, developed the fan translation for the CG games recently. The official website is:

    In this game, you can find a party of several main characters and dozens of sub characters to meet with. Because you can play the character with the ability of several main characters, you can play and experience a huge variety of outcomes.

    The problem is that only the main character needs to enter the battlefield, but the others can stay in the safe distance.

    It can take you a while to get into the swing of things, but do not worry, if you do not progress easily it does not mean it was a bad idea to start.

    The arena is one of the main draw of this game, and it creates the feeling of an entire party of its own. If you advance through the game and allow your party and a load of enemies to face off, it can feel more like a board game than a game from a single player.

    If you get lazy with this, you can do more than just enjoy the dramatic battles. You can also enjoy the various other areas of the game as well, like exploring the world, discovering the various cities that the game takes place in, and collecting items by completing quests in each city.

    This is a game where I can play as a journalist and explore the world as well as finding items to


    What’s new in Elden Ring:



    Winner of the Indie Prize of 2014 by Branded Gamer magazine and many others, “Tranquil Path” is a role-playing game developed by RAKS.

    You can try the demo version of Tranquil Path of the world for free!.


    Play Tranquil Path on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Android and iOS versions are in development!




    About RAKS


    RAKS is a self-funded indie studio based in central Japan. The developer RA works in game design. Our biggest dream is to achieve amazing rpg games, and RA’s biggest dream is to constantly create new ambitious ideas.


    Project Details
    Xbox One | 0.55 GB

    All prices are subject to change.

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    • A Vast World Full of


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    I’m happy to announce to you that 5.1 has finally been released to the public! The update (which I call “revision”) is now available to play and is as follows:
    – Medium (Concept 2) maps
    – Coop bots
    – Daily challenges
    – 7 new spectator camera modes
    – New system to award cheevos
    – New system to award keys
    – Unlockable achievements
    – Clickable player tags
    – Ability to mark matchmade teams as friends


    Name Elden Ring
    Publisher Admin
    Format File
    Rating 4.23 / 5 ( 1047 votes )
    Update (12 days ago)


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