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– Huge World of Fantasy
The game features an enormous world that contains 10 classes of dungeons, each of which has 10 difficulty stages. It also includes a large open-world area that features dozens of areas, including towns and castles.
– Powerful Warrior
There are no restrictions on your class in the leveling process, and you can freely choose your character’s classes and their main weapons. You can freely change to a different class and choose the weapons of your choice by paying the corresponding gold. You can even set different versions of the same class, such as a hero with a strong armor and a hero with a quick and weak armor.
– Powerful Magic
The game features a powerful, class-specific magic system that allows you to freely choose your main weapon and class, in addition to changing your magic at each quest level. You can even combine two types of magic and use the magic that functions best for the scenario at that time.
– Strategic Battle System
The battle system is designed to allow players to plan their attacks in advance. You can set the type of physical attack, magic attack, special attack, movement, and action time, and they have different effects. If you combine attacks from several basic units, you can greatly increase the damage and effect of the attack.
– Character Skill Effects
According to the difference in character class, your character’s skills have special effects.
– World Map
There is a detailed world map that shows the field of view of all other characters and their location, in addition to allowing you to move and attack them.
– Powerful Hero Skills
You can equip your character with skills that provide an extreme variety of combat effects, and you can customize the effect of each skill to deal maximum damage against a specific enemy.
– Various Game Mechanics

1. Creating a Character

– The number of characters added to a party
The number of characters that you can add to a party is determined by the party formation screen that opens when you start a game. If you add too many characters to a party, it cannot enter dungeons where many monsters appear.

– Selecting a character
You can freely select any character from a list. You can increase the weight of the main weapon or the armor. You can change the number of skills that you will learn at each quest level.
– The classes
There are four classes


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A vast world full of excitement
  • A novel action RPG that combines the realism of battle with the excitement of RPG
  • A widely-varied story full of elements
  • New fantasy action RPG created entirely by Inti Creates
  • A unique online experience where you can connect with other players
  • A game that breaks from the RPG of the past with a focus on maintaining a high sense of presence
  • • Become the Hero you were meant to be.
    Yoru are a lord of the Elden ring, a new fantasy action RPG on the Nintendo Switch console.
    Shoot, kick, and slash your way through a vast world as you progress through the game.
    > • Wide variety of enemies
    Enemies of various species appear across the world.
    > • Tactical Action that applies physics
    Place traps and use the environment to your advantage to become the ultimate lord of the Elden ring.

    • A pursuit of high-quality game development
    The game has been nurtured from a business point of view. The rules, weapons, and other items in the game are designed to ensure an excellent playing experience.
    > • Sound of superior quality
    An auditory experience even rivaling that of a console game. The sound is as high in quality as the visuals!

    • The player’s view of the world is continually shifted to new perspectives
    A variety of action scenes occur in the game. The player can shift his or her perspective at any time, and it changes the way things look!

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    “In the era of the king of RPGs, Tonsetsu Sangokushi (Solitudes of the Sacred Tree) uses its sword-and-sorcery fantasy story to unite its gameplay with various new elements such as in-game costume customization and freely combined combat. By taking the series in the direction of a more action-oriented RPG, the game moves in a new and exciting direction, and we feel it has the potential to create yet another new Star Ocean game. The “feel” of the game also creates a very special atmosphere in the other elements, and the game is also pretty tense.”


    “There are many good elements in this game and I expect it to be a great game to play. The battle system is exceptional and the story is full of fantastic tales of this era. I think this is a series that fans of the series should play. It may be tough to be a new player to this series, but I see them as an RPG that players should look forward to.”

    RPG Site

    Star Ocean Evore. Deity of Time

    “It’s finally here! What a very faithful translation. And you get to use a background voice, something I personally always wanted. This game really feels like a Star Ocean game, like no other before. It really feels alive. It really feels as if you’re fighting on a world that is a product of imagination. The game really feels like the story is born from the souls of the characters who know nothing about this world. It’s a wonderful game.”


    Guardian Angel

    “The game itself is very good at being a Star Ocean game with new mechanics. I can’t help but feel like this is a very significant title in the continuity of the Star Ocean series.”

    Game Forward


    “I don’t normally play this kind of game, but I had fun with it. I don’t like the fact that you use the traditional RPG menu but the monotonous battle system is a bit simplified. I think it’s fine to have this kind of game because it’s the only game in the series that is more like an action game than a strategy game. I recommend it.”


    Star Ocean III: The Afterthought. Commences

    “I’m not very familiar with the Star Ocean series, but from the appearances of this game, it seems like they might


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    Role: Thou shall be our guide.
    Thou will sit in the Hall of Hearts and gather the heart of the Elden Ring.
    Are you the one who holds the power of the entire world?

    Role: Thou shall be our protector
    Thou will sit in the Hall of Hearts and protect the hearts of the Elden Ring.
    Are you the one who can protect the Land Between?

    Role: Thou shall be our friend
    Thou will sit in the Hall of Hearts and protect the hearts of the Elden Ring.
    Are you the one who knows all the secrets of the Land Between?

    Role: Thou shall be our student
    Thou will sit in the Hall of Hearts and study the hearts of the Elden Ring.
    Are you the one who can lead the people to follow the truth?

    Role: Thou shall be our teacher
    Thou will sit in the Hall of Hearts and teach the hearts of the Elden Ring.
    Are you the one who can heal the Land Between?

    Role: Thou shall be our leader
    Thou will sit in the Hall of Hearts and lead the hearts of the Elden Ring.
    Are you the one who has reached adulthood?

    Role: In the Lands Between
    Thou will sit in the Hall of Hearts and guide the characters through strange dungeons.
    Are you the one who can solve the mysteries of the Land Between?

    Role: Thou shall be our comrade
    Thou will sit in the Hall of Hearts and befriend the enemies with the hearts of the Elden Ring.
    Are you the one who can catch the eyes of the Land Between?

    Role: Thou shall be our comrade
    Thou will sit in the Hall of Hearts and befriend the enemies with the hearts of the Elden Ring.
    Are you the one who can defeat the Elden Gods?

    Role: Thou shall be our ally
    Thou will sit in the Hall of Hearts and use the hearts of the Elden Ring as weapons.
    Are you the one who can aid our actions?

    Role: Thou shall be our hero
    Thou will sit in the Hall of Hearts and triumphantly ride the hearts of the Elden Ring.
    Are you the one who can become an Elden Lord?

    Role: Thou shall


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    System Requirements:

    Mac: Intel® Mac with OS X® 10.11 or later
    Windows®: Intel® i3, i5, i7, or AMD compatible processor with 8GB RAM
    4GB RAM (4GB recommended)
    Hard Disk space: 8GB
    DirectX®: Version 11
    Internet Explorer®: Version 11
    Mac: Intel® Mac with OS X® 10.12 or later
    Windows®: Intel® i3 or later, AMD compatible processor with 8GB RAM


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