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The Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG where you will not only shape the world, but will also be able to discover the mystery that lies behind the lands.

Elden Ring is a genre RPG with RPG elements, and a new angle of entry to a fantasy action RPG. The name Elden Ring comes from the combination of the Elden Kingdom, one of the four legendary kingdoms of Galtopia, and the “Ring of Elden”. This is the story of a man who escapes from his home village to become a hero…

The game world is created by a professional game designer, and is filled with rich musical arrangements and dynamic expressions.

The game’s basic controls are as simple as they can be, but to help you get to where you want, the game also offers a variety of user-friendly control methods.

From the beginning, you can freely combine various weapons, armor, and magic with an endless amount of combinations.

The game boasts a free map system that lets you access countless locations, making it easy to create your own story and realize your character’s potential.

This RPG with a heart is able to introduce RPG fans and those who want to discover a new game.

Key Features

◆ Gameplay with a Rich Fantasy Setting

A stunning fantasy setting where real and intuitive gameplay combine. The game is set in a vast world that is rich in its story and design.

◆ Comprehensive System

◆ Minimalistic Controls

In addition to varied combat, there are also puzzle, item acquisition, battle, and conversation quests…

◆ Sidequests

◆ Free Map System

The game boasts a free map system that lets you access countless locations.

◆ Overwhelming Attraction

◆ Free Form Design

◆ A Life-changing Adventure

◆ The Story of an Adventurer

◆ Endless Journey

The game offers an epic drama with countless twists, as well as a vast world full of exciting locations.

◆ Musical Arrangements

In addition to creating a world that is full of emotion and impressive graphics, the sound team has also made sure the sound team has created musical arrangements that form a unified whole.

◆ The Game of the Century

The game features a very active social community, and a user count of over 3,400,000 players.

Play with the Game


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Create your own character.
  • Archery, muskets and cannons (1D6).
  • Wield the power of a Fararae, an advanced form of casting of the Elden magic.
  • Apocalypse.
  • 2 types of weapons: guns and spears.
  • A tank and a heavy cavalry.
  • An HD player and a low quality browser version for mobile.
  • Pricing and delivery

    This product is available for delivery worldwide through our
    online shop, or through retail partners in all locations where we can deliver.

    In your original game box, please send a self-addressed sticker to:

    £15, addressee name

    £17, addressees’ address

    £17, destination address

    £13, addressee’s address

    £18, ship’s address

    £8, post office

    Pre-orders will be delivered immediately upon shipping, after ordering.

    All items: ship after 1.1.2019

    Deliveries: from 2.1.

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    – 13/11/2016 增刊毛桑 登堂提示: 明年必读 「神谢」版!

    – 11/11/2016 新ゲームエピソード25: 魔法の上に建てられた都市,そしてゲームの終わり。

    – 11/12/2016 『剣豪ストライク』ロンダインシリーズにエピソード26!

    – 17/11/2016 「ついに」『剣豪ストライク』が発売! 紹介動画




    ニンテンドークラシックミニ アーケードトレイラー:


    Elden Ring Activator [April-2022]

    Android スマートフォン アプリでお楽しみください! <物議の的>(動画はこちら) もっと見る

    iPhone スマートフォン アプリでお楽しみください! <物議の的>(動画はこちら) もっと見る

    (2)『My 3rd Birthday!』集めます!

    18歳の時に祝って元気におめでとう!(2)『My 3rd Birthday!』集めます!

    (2)『My 3rd Birthday!』の集めます!


    ◆『My 3rd Birthday!』追加サポートキャンペーン第2弾

    ◆開催期間:2018年4月12日 17:00 ~ 5月3日 17:59

    ■『My 3rd Birthday!』に抽選で100名様

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    System Requirements:

    Supported OS: Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 7 (64-bit)
    Processor: Intel Core i3-540 (2.5 GHz, 4 cores) or equivalent
    RAM: 4 GB
    Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 750 2 GB, ATI Radeon HD 5770 2 GB, or equivalent
    DirectX: Version 11
    Storage: 700 MB available space
    How to Install the Game?
    To install The Long Dark on your Windows 10 PC, you will first need to download the game from the official website (