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A Myth Born

Play the Myth of the Elden Ring, one of the oldest RPG games. A long time ago, the A Link to the Past, Final Fantasy, and Ultima series also took place in this world. We have added a new epic fantasy world, filled with cutting-edge 3D graphics.

Experience the Magic of Elden

Enjoy a new way to enjoy the world of the game by combining the combat and spell functions. With action RPG elements of ease and a spell-cast system of adventure, it appeals to both newcomers and veterans.

Create Unique Characters

The development team has added a new character creation feature to the game, allowing you to create a character that looks and feels like your ideal self. Create an Elden Lord who has received the grace of the Elden Ring.

A Community of One Thousand

Connect with friends in the mobile game with the “Openfeint” service. Openfeint adds a sense of community to mobile games by letting you play with friends on smartphones. The Elden Ring game supports Openfeint.

*The game is free-to-play, which means you can start playing without the need to make in-game purchases. In-game purchases can be selected when logging in, from the store within the game to the Google Play store.


Aliiki Games Inc. is an independent game developer that is founded in 2006 in Japan. The company is currently developing a wide range of games with a goal to turn video games into an enjoyable experience.


A Blood Sacrifice Corporation is a game publisher and distributor, founded in 2003 in Japan. The company distributes mobile games. The company’s goal is to release new and innovative games with high-quality graphics and enjoyable gameplay.


Henrose Studio is a game developer that was founded in 2007 in Japan. The company creates high-quality mobile games.

Product Details:

Title: The New Fantasy Action RPG: Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between

Price: Free

Platform: iOS/Android

Product ID: com.fantasy-saga.the-new-fantasy-action-rpg


Features Key:

  • A Free-Roaming World
    In open-ended game play where the world is open to search, explore, and conquer. Journey to the center of the world’s challenge.
  • Discover Unique Adventures
    With a variety of events, rich quests and challenging tasks, experience the thrill of turning the tides of history.
  • A Core System for Crafty and Devious Players
    Encounter dungeons that include unique and interesting traps. With the ability to do sidequests, various jobs, and character professions, the player will never run short of deeds to embark on.
  • Customization Mechanics
    Create a clear strategy with a variety of equipment, spells, and skills. Customize your character to match your play style, and then master its combat-oriented abilities!
  • Control the Role of Magic
    An analysis of the element of Magic: overground and underground! Exploring the islands of the Thousand Eyes means replacing familiar magic with new elements and possibilities, and there are plenty of parts waiting to be discovered.
  • Unique Features
    Gather wind, raise the dead, and revive the ancient dragon… in battle, all it takes is a little care.
  • Different Play Styles
    If you have played MMORPGs before, you will find the strengths of RPG games brought together with the graphics of an action game, along with an awe-inspiring musical score and robust story, all in a package you can enjoy for a long while.
  • High-end Graphics
    Tarnished is a new fantasy action RPG that features gorgeous and elaborate graphics, and is priced at less than $20 USD.
  • See more at:

    <img src="" alt="Nvidia Gamers First


    Elden Ring Free Download

    “The new RPG from SCEJA is a well-built successor to the successful ‘Dark Chronicles’ series. It’s an RPG with a good combat system that allows for a high degree of freedom in progression, and lots of appeal for RPG players.”
    “The game has fresh and unique features such as the bards and characters that can be customized during the game, so players can try different play styles through different combinations.”
    “The game is highly recommended for RPG fans.”
    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    © 2012 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
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    Elden Ring Crack With Product Key [2022-Latest]

    1) Select the level range of movement.
    – Normal, fast, and smooth are available.
    – Edit the range of movement for a specific task.
    – Adjust the travel speed.
    – Improve the ability to quickly get to a desired area.
    2) Change the AI modes.
    – Select whether to show screen warnings or not.
    – Select whether to have enemies talk while idle.
    – Select whether to use actions after a certain time.
    3) Set the AI behavior.
    – Set AI controlled characters to pursue or avoid enemies.
    – Set AI controlled characters to not use specific abilities.
    4) Set AI controlled characters to have customized actions.
    – Play with AI controlled characters:
    – Play as a fixed AI controlled character.
    – Automatically select the AI controlled characters.
    – Have an AI controlled character more powerful than a human-controlled character.
    5) Set the destination points in the previous levels.
    – Set to explicitly specify the destination in the previous level.
    – Set destination points without specifying the levels.
    6) Set the point to which the characters are caught if they enter a blocked area.
    – Point to a particular level.
    – Point to a particular point in a specific level.
    – Point to a certain place on a map.
    7) Set the scene settings.
    – Set the light level.
    – Set the target value for the distance to view.
    – Set the night setting and time.
    8) Settings for all NPC characters.
    – Set specific NPC characters to talk during travel.
    – Set NPC characters to have their own unique abilities.
    – Sets the NPC character’s base attack power.
    – Sets the NPC character’s final attack power.
    – Set the NPC character’s attack power to change.
    9) Set NPC character’s level range.
    – Set the NPC character’s level range to either:
    – Level range for monsters.
    – Level range for selected NPC characters.
    – Level range for all NPC characters.
    10) Set the actions you want to add after each location.
    – Add the actions you want to use after each location.
    – Manually set the action that will be used for each location.
    – Set to have the same effect as a character.
    11) Set the action for each location.
    – Set to have a spell that will be used for each location.
    – Set to have a command that will be used for each


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    In order to experience the full performance of this title,…

    In order to experience the full performance of this title, please consider upgrading your system requirements.

    PC :

    Intel Core I3-8100 @ 2.20 GHzAOL English Mac




    Blaz…PC :Gigabyte GV-R7953D-TR2



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