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The Elden Ring Cracked Version Game was developed by Spear Online and published by NEXON. It was launched in 2015 for the Playstation 4, Playstation Vita and Playstation 3. It is planned to be released for the Playstation 4, Playstation Vita and Playstation 3.

※As the game was released for the Playstation 3 before the launch of Playstation 4, the game system is not able to guarantee the operating environment.

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Nexon Corporation (www.nexon.co.jp) is a global publisher and developer of entertainment content. The company is based in Seoul, Korea and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Nexon is dedicated to the creation of meaningful games and high-quality entertainment content and is best known for such hit games as Maple Story, Dofus, Lineage, MapleStory 2, Crossfire, Free Realms, Incheon Subway and many more. Nexon also has created a number of entertaining franchises, including the massively popular Dragon Nest game series. Further information about Nexon can be found on the website www.nexon.co.jp.

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We are looking for one more of:


Senior Concept Artist

-Leading work on character design, including the character concept, design and world design.

-Leading work on designing the characters and locations of the world.

-Leading work on creating models.

-Leading work on world background designs.

-Leading work on storyboards for the character design.

※Knowledge of 3D software is required.


Sound Designer

-Leading work on sound creation.

-Leading work on sound materials such as battle music.

-Leading work on environment sound effects for both gameplay and cut scenes.


Quality Assurance (QA) Manager

-Leading work on all sorts of QA, including the checking of animation, battle, story


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • The Lands Between
    Seamless maps with open fields, rocky mountains, and dense forests that connect with multiple routes. You can freely change paths as you wish and encounter various NPCs, enemies, and bosses. Enjoy the thrill of discovering enemy formations, secrets, and other issues as you explore.
  • An action RPG that emphasizes action
    Class and level up your character by specializing in weapons and magic. Change your characters’ weapons and develop them to suit your play style. Equip powerful cool weapons, including an Elden Sword, which will absorb the power of an entire group of enemies. With many interesting magic effects and the unique ability of level ups, capture opponents in a decisive moment and achieve victory.
  • A new combat style
    At the heart of the combat system lies a strong emphasis on the interaction between the player and his or her character. What kind of skills your character knows will determine how fast he or she can react, and how tense the game will become. The bond between you and your character will deepen as you meet enemies and engage in thrilling and suspenseful battles.

    • An Action-packed Experience
      • Sneak through stages and experience the thrill of battle in a wide variety of stages, such as skidding on ice, splashing through water, charging toward a crumbling tower, and crossing the pathway of an enemy boss.
      • Target foes with your Light and Strong attacks and unleash them in a flurry of slashing attacks. Trap the opponent’s attacks with your Counter and use your Intense and Cool to maximise your opponent’s mistakes. Blow their guard with your critical strikes.
      • Burn your way to victory with your elemental magic, such as pushing, creating, and destroying enemies.
      • Stun your opponent with your Freeze, Poison, and Banish effects, or clear away a summoned monster with your Driving effect.
    • Battle Mechanics and Battles Returns
      • Equip weapons and magic to create a battle-ready character.
      • Enjoy the thrill of long-distance attacks by using a combination of Light and Strong with Fire


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        What’s new in Elden Ring:

        Besides having the unique online play system, we have also added game elements that are rarely seen in other games such as a MEGABOOTH system with various mini games and character healing and the crafting system.

        Hah! What is a MEGABOOTH?
        The MEGABOOTH is a representation of the deep symbiosis that exists between the three races of the Lands Between, the Elden, the Wild and the Shin’arth. Each of these races offers a characteristic set of traits known as a special ability that they share with neighboring races.

        Through the help of the MEGABOOTH system, each of your actions, such as healing others or participating in group events, are reflected with a unique color which enables you to tell who is influencing you. The color of the effect will appear on all your nearby alliance partners’ characters as well as on your own online information.

        The color will change accordingly. For example, whenever an allied Shin’arth healer heals an ally’s body part, their own color of healing will change to white in addition to the color of the particular ally you are healing. Likewise, when a Shin’arth mage joins a Raid 10 group and helps in a boss raid, a Shin’arth color has appeared on your online information to let everyone know you participated in the raid.

        Alliance members can trace who is influencing them via the MEGABOOTH system. This will help to increase the effectiveness of online services and group activities and is a great way to receive strong influences from other alliances.

        There is also MEGABOOTH progress summary for each race and buffs to be applied. You can even use the MEGABOOTH system to take custom screenshots, using the new activity icon that has been added.

        You can also use the MEGABOOTH system to display your own amount of influences to others by using the kit icon of the MEGABOOTH system.


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      • Download LibGDX for Windows PC/MAC
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      System Requirements:

      Installation Notes:
      The game requires the DirectX9 compatible hardware and will run in XP, VISTA, WIN7, WIN8 and above.
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      All rights reserved.
      Licensed under the MPL Version 2.0.
      Unless otherwise specified, all materials are Copyright (c) 2014 M. A. K. D.
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