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Name Elden Ring
Publisher tanarm
Format File
Rating 4.14 / 5 ( 3004 votes )
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Elden Ring is an online action game.
You can join the multiplayer arena where you can connect with other players and travel together, or choose to be a lone wolf, taking on enemies one by one.
If you choose to play multiplayer mode, you can try out your friends’ characters and create your own adventures with them.
You can play alone, as a lone wolf, or join up with others.
You can create your own story as you adventure through the game’s lands.
• Feel the power of the Elden Ring.
A new fantasy fantasy action RPG set in the world of Arena.
Rise, Tarnished, and become an Elden Lord.
• Battle Intensive Online Action
Trial a trial-by-fire, unique action RPG.
Experience a fiery battle of challenging skill and action in order to win.
• Passively Grow Your Character
Grow your character by learning new skills and weaponry.
Craft your own story by uncovering the secrets of the world and combining your own weapons.
Your own adventure awaits… Join now!
– Matches with up to 8 players
– Conduct your own adventure while meeting new friends.
– Travel to the worlds of others and train.
– Battle with your friends and grow strong together.
FREE: Downloadable content will be added regularly.
Q. Is this game free to play? A. This is a free to play game.
Q. Will there be other types of content in the future? A. Yes, there will be free downloadable content after launch as a part of our content strategy.
Q. When are you going to release the content? A. We are releasing playable content after launch.
Q. How do I play with my friends? A. You can play in multiplayer, in the “Lone Wolf” mode, where you play against AI-controlled characters. You can also play through “Arena”, which allows you to play as your friends’ characters.
Q. Are there different servers for the multiplayer? A. The game is playable simultaneously on all servers. Q. How many character slots will there be? A. The “Lone Wolf” mode is available for 1 to 8 characters. The “Arena” mode allows for up to 6 characters.
Q. Are there


Features Key:

  • Unleash Comprehensive Equipment: A full lineup of a wide variety of equipment items and weapons at your disposal that change according to the class you choose.
  • Rigid Online Progression: Steady on mission progression, but enjoy various gear that enhances your battle ability. It makes the game more immersive to always participate in intense battles with your friends.
  • Grand Strategy Battles: Unparalleled online rival battles with a variety of battlefields. Defending locations will experience frequent battles with a variety of players.
  • Variety of Characterizing Systems: Apart from your in-game characters, you can customize Tarnished characters in order to participate in a variety of system-based activities, such as occasions, Feast Day, Chocobo Fight, etc.