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With the shutdown of UPlay® in March 2016, we have decided to migrate the management of Elden Ring to a separate server.
We are now looking to take on new players and hope to have an influx of new people join as soon as possible.



Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Tactical RPG:
    • New Action System (seal combat)
    • Development Skill Tree System
    • New Companion System with Customization Features
    • Cleaning System: Have your characters bathe in a river with an NPC filter and have a sanitized tank for hiring their washing facilities
    • New Crafting System (Homebrewing)
    • New Items (Equip and Disassemble)
    • Reserve System: Reserving Capacity of Items for Purchase
    • PvP System: Alliance War System
    • Command System
    • Fort System: Landing Locations
    • You Can Play More Than 1 Characters, Together

    IT WILL BE A NEW BEGINNING. A NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG GAME. Be reborn and prevail in a massive, freestanding world. 

    Content Introduction

    Elden Ring is an action RPG with tactical elements. It has been designed for extensive immersion and polish. It is the first action RPG game to feature sealing as a core gameplay element, and I have dedicated myself to designing an action game that will align with the ethos of the past action adventure games.

    The Elden Ring’s Design Philosophy

    As I worked on designing an action game with real-time battles, I came across a feeling that this didn’t have the right feel to it. I wanted to play an action game with a slower tempo, with beautiful shadows and bullets streaking through the air. I used media to give it that feeling of tension, like a Chinese picture book or a Japanese manga. I wanted to put a greater sense of exhilaration in the battle, to cast the player in a more powerful role. However, I found it difficult to search for the balance between euphoria and realism.

    The Character and Enemy Creation Features

    In order to balance realism and excitement, I aimed for lightweight, fun characters and funny enemies. However, I thought that the heavy machine guns used in early armored battle games (such as Doom and Team Fortress) were too unrealistic. I decided to use a new gun type, the seal combat gun.



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    ▶ PlayStation 4 Article ▶

    ▶ Steam News ▶
    ELEX: The Final Fantasy XV Expansion Prologue
    A new story to experience the Prologue and upcoming chapters of The Final Fantasy XV.
    It is a FINAL FANTASY XV expansion that provides a new story to experience the Prologue of the upcoming chapters in The Final Fantasy XV.

    It contains original content not included in the FINAL FANTASY XV main game.

    An adventure for players to travel together.
    An original story that could not be included in FINAL FANTASY XV main game.

    With this FINAL FANTASY XV expansion, we hope that players who own FINAL FANTASY XV will experience a new story to enjoy the exciting world of FINAL FANTASY XV again.

    It will be released on the 29th January 2018 (Monday) for PlayStation 4.

    ■ Original Story

    With an upcoming FINAL FANTASY game, I have no idea what I’m working on.
    But I’ve invested much time on making it, so I guess I’ll work on it.

    Nobody would ask me about FINAL FANTASY XV, but I’m working on it.

    And it can be the star that shows me what I am doing.

    What I am working on, has become so insignificant.

    Now, I don’t know what I am working on.

    Whether I am working on an upcoming FINAL FANTASY game.

    No one knows what I am working on.

    That I work hard is known to everyone.

    I don’t know when the game will be released.

    But I can imagine it.

    It’s not a fantasy game, or a role-playing game.

    It’s something else.

    I’m not sure.

    That is something the players will be able to experience.

    It’s almost midnight.

    The clock is approaching midnight.

    To be frank, I’m not sure when this prologue will be over.

    How to work on it?

    What is this thing that I am working on?

    ▶ PlayStation 4 Article ▶
    To be continued on PS


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    10:30 PM
    Back in 2012, I remember having this conversation with a good friend, and it got me thinking of this.

    Not the ones who were most successful like Jim, Garrett, Chris, Neal, Greg, Nev, Phil and Evan. Oh no. Not them. Those guys went on to have lasting, awesome games for everyone. Not the ones who were most successful like Jim, Garrett, Chris, Neal, Greg, Nev, Phil and Evan. Oh no. Not them. Those guys went on to have lasting, awesome games for everyone. But the ones who didn’t but who didn’t really have much to show for but a bunch of prototypes and a small development team.

    And that list? That’s you, me, and everyone else who never made it onto the “most successful” list. And yet, there were hundreds of hours of great games we played in the last 6 years. And will continue to play. It’s easy to sit back and lament on our failures as developers when looking at all the things we couldn’t do after the game was almost ready, and could have achieved incredible things. What could we have created if we put a little more time into it? How could we have made that game a better game?

    Then I read this page about the ‘New Fantasy Roleplaying Game’ by Matt Colville from the Daily Telegraph and I was reminded of one of my most proud moments as a game developer. The game I was playing at the time, Elden Ring, had been developing since at least 2010. Had I just given up before it was finished? I hadn’t, and now it would live on to what could be its greatest success. I’d already put most of my former team members of EG aside for their own projects and wasn’t going to let my best friend go too. Now, with the help of Josh from Fallenout, and a great group of other gamers who are a lot smarter than I am, I’m going to try to bring this story to life.

    I still remember the day, about a month into making it, where I shared the link to the Daily Telegraph article with my former boss.

    He read it, and basically just kept reading it and laughing a lot.

    At around the same time, we had been preparing the game for a release sometime in 2015. It had been released for an audience of around 300 people on the Xbox One in 2015, and we were excited


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    ◆ Features◆

    1. Two Massive Worlds.
    A grand adventure awaits! The huge world and vast story continue in The Tarnished Prince.

    2. State of the Art Graphics and Animations.

    The graphics and animations that are full of sense of visual pleasure will leave you at a loss for words.

    3. Talismans as a Valuable Item.

    The Tarnished Prince makes use of the Talismans to its full potential; an item that can represent a hidden power that can be of great help to the player.

    4. Combat that Pursues Multiple Objectives.

    You are faced with multiple objectives, such as character development, improvement of the armor, acquisition of power-ups, potions, and magic, and so on. By correctly performing all actions using the tools available, you can discover elements to keep your entire party. You can also use the Conquer button to move forward with the objective of combat “Win!”

    5. New System for Members to Guest the Battles.

    You can meet up with other members and join a battle with them. By doing so, you can make use of the talents and attributes that you have as well as the items that you have obtained. Even though you can’t join in the battle directly, you will encounter monsters in the advancement of the story that are not attainable by other members. Detailed information on the enemy (attack and defense) will be made available in the maintenance period.

    * Depending on the group, there may be changes in some descriptions.

    ◆ Details +

    • “ALIEN”. The setting of “The Tarnished Prince” and “The Elden Ring” is a world with the theme of “aliens and humans”, and the world and story are rich in detail.

    • “The Power of the Elden Ring”. A group of powerful players who have allied with each other to fight an invisible enemy from the future. The group’s actions, participation, and relationships with each


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    1. Fight the Monsters and Defeat the Boss

    2. Run across the Lands Between

    3. Make Friends with Other Players

    4. Experience the Epic Drama

    5. Hear the Popular Songs

    6. etc.

    1. Fight the Monsters and Defeat the Boss

    Let’s go outside the Lands Between and challenge the monsters beyond the utmost limits.
    Use the weapons and spells you’ve learned from the battles to complete epic quests. A variety of Monsters with special abilities await you.
    The top-notch monsters are as tough as they come, but still, we’ll bring them down. In addition, you can learn elemental magic that can be used as a powerful weapon on a quest.
    The challenging dungeons you’ll encounter present a variety of traps and monsters. The tricky traps aren’t easy, but still, you can win. The demonic monsters you’ve been wanting to defeat are waiting for you, so don’t sleep. We’ll have you prepared for anything.
    The massive dungeons in the Lands Between are full of monsters, traps, and great rewards. If you solve various puzzles, you’ll even have the opportunity to learn unique skills.
    2. Run across the Lands Between

    Travel to the Lands Between from the Lands Beyond through Forte, a mysterious fortress.
    In the Lands Between, you’ll discover new strategies and learn to fight better.
    Your level determines your abilities and movement speed. Raise your level by finding and defeating monsters, or deepen your craft by progressing through the successive stages of crafting. Learn how to use


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32/64bit)
    1.4 GHz Intel or AMD Dual-Core CPU
    2 GB RAM
    2GB Hard Disk Space
    DirectX 9.0c
    1080p Display Resolution
    Sony Vegas Pro CS6/CS5/CS4 (CS3 not supported)
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    Price: $4.99 / $9.99 / $19.99
    Publisher:Sony Vegas
    Buyers: Members Only
    Availability: Online