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Download Now · https://bytlly.com/2spSfw



The Elden Ring Crack fantasy action role playing game, as a product of the GRINDER GAMING GAME AND SOFTWARE-HOLDING COMPANY LTD., is a collaboration project of GRINDER GAMING and the DEVELOPER YuumiInc. (


・We have greatly reduced the data to prevent the slow loading of files.

・We cannot currently provide support for abnormal operation.


Patches that require newer app version than the official will be released after the official version is updated.
Please refer to related information of the official application.

■Additional Notes

The game can only be played on the iOS version.

You cannot purchase the application or any content via this application.

Directly purchase the application or any content from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

You cannot receive any reward.

■Privacy Policy:


Q. I can not see the login screen.

A. Please quit the application using the home button on the device.

Q. I can not use the in-game account.

A. If you have an in-game account created, login with the same in-game account in the official website.

Q. I can not use the in-game account on the official website.

A. If you have an in-game account created, login with the same in-game account in App Store or Google Play Store.

Q. Is this application available worldwide?

A. At the moment, it is available worldwide.

Q. Can I take backup data from my old mobile phone?

A. The back-up service function of the official website will be provided at a later date.

Q. Can I change my in-game name?

A. At the moment, the in-game name cannot be changed.

■Release Date:

2016/04/13 Version: 4.9.0


・The Elden Ring is an original work of GRINDER GAMING AND YOU.

・I can not assume liability for violations of the right of other people.

・The Elden Ring


Features Key:

  • Character Customization
  • High-Resolution Graphics and World
  • Epic Fantasy OST with Synchronized Voices
  • Customized Ready-To-Lose Conditions
  • Fantastic Unique Battle Skills and Customizable Magic
  • Campaign Mode with a Progression System and Various Challenges
  • Grade System for Battle Items and Equipment
  • Conversation System
  • Highly Tuned Fantasy Online Game Play
  • High-Quality Post-Processing
  • Multiplayer that Loosely Connects to Others
  • Interface:



    • Windows 7/8/10/8.1/8.5/10
    • Memory at least 2 GB
    • Wifi Internet connection to download the update
    • Internet connection to play online (Bandwidth is not required)

    Suggestions on PC (x64)

    DirectX®11 Recommended

    Display Settings:
    GUI: Dynamic diplay mode for min. resolution
    System: High-performance video settings (AMD FX- or AMD equivalent video cards with Radeon or Nvidia is recommended)
    Additional: At least 4 GB of ram (8 GB for maximum performance)

    Suggestions on Nintendo Switch

    GPU: 10 GPU

    Display: 1280×720 resolution, 2x scaling mode


    Elden Ring Crack + Free (2022)

    From Core Magazine, Dec 2018

    To coincide with the release of the Elden Ring game, we conducted a survey to ask about people’s impressions and interest for the game.

    The responses we received from several thousand players show that nearly 100% of all players responded positively to the game.

    I have seen you preparing and developing the game in the meantime, how are you currently feeling?

    “In the beginning, I had no doubt I would succeed. I just lacked a combination of luck and skill. But if people see my determination and work ethic, that will help me get even stronger. I’m finally at the pinnacle of strength.”

    “Is there a belief (about the game) that you’re told to have?”

    “Even though I’m a veteran and one of the best in the world, if I get too cocky, I could be crushed by a child or someone with less experience. That’s the fear that keeps me going.”

    “It would be better if I didn’t have any special techniques or skills, if only I had to use my own intuition and wisdom to survive. But that’s impossible.”

    “I want to share the warm feeling I get from playing online with everyone. Even if my avatar isn’t an actual person, I want to give them the chance to experience it.”

    “I’ve been involved with the game for a long time now and I still can’t get over the excitement I felt when I heard that I’d be able to continue playing. I want to play for a long time to come.”

    “I believe that it’s a game where everyone can find a way to play.”

    “Games like this that put a lot of trust in the player are games that I really, really like. I believe that people’s love for games like these is growing.”

    “The Elden Ring is a game that allows players to experience real-life games through a virtual world. It’s a game where you can work hard to get ahead, but you can also lose everything in one incident. That gives it a sense of realism that you don’t get in an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online RPG), and I think it’ll be a game that will continue to grow in popularity.”

    “I’m really surprised that other people from various countries are playing the game right now. I was hoping that a large number of Japanese players would


    Elden Ring

    ▼ Battle Conditions – Terms and Conditions!

    1. Please follow the rules!

    While Guild Wars 2 operates in an online environment, the rules that govern such an environment are different from those of the standard PvP environment that Guild Wars 2 operates on. The rules of Guild Wars 2 are listed below:

    1. It is forbidden to exploit bugs or use unauthorized programs.

    2. The rules regarding the use of the chat function and other online tools are listed below:

    – Instances of griefing (intentional abuse of the game’s interface or other players) are strictly prohibited.

    – Do not intentionally disrupt the game by repeatedly causing the entire world server to freeze.

    – Do not unrepentantly deceive others with lies.

    3. The following applies to PvP combat in Guild Wars 2:

    • In PvP combat, PvP servers and the dedicated PvP Guild Wars 2 servers shall be operated in line with the terms below.

    – Please make use of the Arena matchmaking servers.

    – If you break the rules listed below, then you risk being denied the right to partake in PvP combat in the future.

    • Please play without exploiting the functionality of the game.

    • In PvP combat, PvP servers and the dedicated PvP Guild Wars 2 servers shall be operated in line with the terms below.• Please make use of the Arena matchmaking servers.• If you break the rules listed below, then you risk being denied the right to partake in PvP combat in the future.• Please play without exploiting the functionality of the game.

    4. Please be aware that PvP combat varies from the rules of standard PvP environments, in that there are no friendly fire rules. Do not attack other players unless the other party is attacking you first.

    5. Regarding the surrender of items and features, for Guild Wars 2, please be aware that your login information cannot be used to keep your items or features. Guild Wars 2 separates items and features in the form of an account key for your item storage and account maintenance. Thus, it is not possible to use your account information to keep items or features.

    Also, regarding currency exchange, Guild Wars 2 separates currency in the form of an account key for its currency storage and account maintenance. Thus, it is not possible to exchange currency between accounts.

    6. Please be aware that Guild Wars 2 are items and


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Key Features
    ○ More than 40 different characters are available
    ○ Increase the hit rate of all weapons using enhancement stones and shine stones
    ○ Growth and Fitness System
    ○ Every character can increase health points over time
    ○ More than 40 different characters are available
    ○ More than 40 different characters are available
    ○ Experience the great different event scenes and get powerful enhancement stones,
    and the finest shining stones from your comrades
    ○ All in a New World
    ○ Become a powerful hero by completing the Chronicles
    ○ Adventure into a new fantasy world, fight against the Demon Archon, and more.

    ※ Samples will be provided in-game at the release of the online test version
    ※ Event times and schedules may change depending on the information and situation provided at the time of the game

    Sequel to the Popular MMORPG, Tales of Arise, and developed by Archministries, the largest developer of the Philippines
    Purchase Tales of Arise or Tales of Zestiria and get complimentary access to the Test Version of this game for 14 days!
    Terms and Conditions
    * Trial version of the game is fully functional for the specified period of trial for the title only (Trial Age). Individual terms and conditions apply to games such as Speed Battle, Special Dungeon, Skill Quest, Colosseum. Terms and conditions vary with the game.

    • Trial Age: 14 days
      (From 00:00 on the date of purchase until 00:00 on the 14th day after purchase)
      * Game activation code contains the password for access to the game.
      * Trial Users can only play the title.
      * Single player games can only be played for character created by the user.
      * Non-trial users can use extended functions of the title for the period of Trial Age.
      * Terms and conditions vary with the game content. Trial Users cannot use the title after Trial Age.
      * Activation codes provided will be used within the trial period.
      * If the status of the purchase is changed to “Not eligible,” activating a code will change the trial to non-trial. It is important to register the purchase in the website to prevent this matter.

    ● Contents
    Additional DLC available after the trial period
    ● System Requirements
    Windows XP or higher


    Free Elden Ring

    Download ELDEN RING full and complete version from the link below.

    Make sure you have installed PPSSPP Emulator. Extract the archive you just downloaded and run the program.

    After launching the program you can start installing the game directly from it, to PPSSPP Emulator.

    On the main menu select “Set-up” > “Install game from archive”.

    Locate the file of the game you just downloaded on the main menu, then press on it to start installing it.

    After installation, press on “Finish”.

    Now you can start playing the game, and enjoy all the game features.

    Direct link to the game:

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64 bit or 32 bit)
    Mac OS X (10.6+)
    32-bit or 64-bit processor
    4 GB RAM
    1 GB available hard disk space
    Software Requirements:
    It includes no additional software or internet connection requirements. It includes no additional software or internet connection requirements.
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