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The “Fantasy Craftsmanship” series has created fantasy worlds and characters of a high level through

an unparalleled visual experience, and now, we are excited to offer a new fantasy action RPG for fans of both role-playing games and first-person shooters.

The Elden Ring game was developed as a product that balances stylishness and excitement with role-playing games. As we have cultivated the development team with expertise from titles with a high success rate, the game will surely deliver the stylish adventure of a fantasy role-playing game at the same time you will feel the excitement of a first-person shooter while playing.

• Beautiful World, Deep Story, and One of a Kind Action

The lands of Elden Ring were created using the same level of technology as some of the best games, and every scene will have an unbelievable level of detail. The care we have taken for every element of the game is reflected in every corner, and it is sure to leave an impression on you.

The game’s action is of a first-person shooter with elements of a role-playing game mixed in. The characters can move freely while fighting, but they can also run or use tools or weapons as if in a puzzle game. Even though the weapons are items you equip, you can freely change their effect and combination. A character who has surpassed the strengths of the character that has been chosen in the beginning is able to master the world with the combination of various items.

• A Vast World, So Many Dungeons, and Realistic Battles

Elden Ring is a vast fantasy world created by the same technology used to create the most detailed levels in games that use sophisticated graphics. It has been designed so that you can explore every corner of the world while avoiding challenges. You will also find many dungeons you can use to collect loot and gain levels. Even more important than the size of the world is the variety of the dungeons.

In the game, battles take place in the most realistic way. You will be able to attack your enemies from various angles, and your attacks will change depending on how they are positioned. Even within combat, you can safely run away from danger or destroy the obstacle in your path by timing your attack in the most powerful way. Even though the battles are not directly connected to the story, they are an important way to get to the next area of the world.

• Combat Action with Unrealistic Moves

Although you can use many tools and


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Character Growth by Placing Points into Strength, Dexterity, Stamina, Spirit, and Fortune
  • Ideal Growth boosts your Resolve during battle and interacts with other skills and attributes
  • Fifth Job Planner: The character you created will have an ideal growth path and show growth data for the job that is being planned at Level 30.
  • NPCs Increase throughout Story Scenes: It is possible to find NPCs that become partners, allies, or opponents in battle by defeating enemies on the field.
  • A New System for Answering the Question “Who Am I?”
  • Changes in Costumes: You are able to obtain skills and attributes that increase your attack power and defense without raising your base stats.
  • Customize and Modify Extra Skills for Better Performance
  • A War Story that Includes the Story of the Elden Lord and the Disciple, and a Multiverse in a Fantasy World with Unique Character Synthesis
  • Battles for the Elden King, which take place over lengthy periods of time
  • A Wandering Girl introduces herself through an event, and players can choose a side and fight
  • Climb the tower that overlooks the entire island, and enjoy the elation of solving the mysteries of the tower and welcoming the day
  • Decision-making events that look different depending on what party you are in and how you act.
  • A new First Job in a fantasy setting
  • A duel system where the actions of both the player and the character are presented
  • New Quest System with a Quest Navigator, War Arena, and Dungeon Maker
  • Extremely Detailed Graphic Representation
  • Hidden Damage
  • Healing (no life bars, etc.)
  • An amazing experience with the sound effects, character voice files, and music.
  • A series of tutorials that will make it easier to understand its deep mysteries.
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    Elden Ring Product Key Full Free [Win/Mac] (2022)


    Jyun-Fu, January 21, 2016 02:50 PM

    Title : Elden Ring: A new videogame release

    Description : The full version of Elden Ring was released today for PC, and firstly we get the game of the new saga! – The new fantasy action role playing game « Elden Ring » is made in North East Asia.

    It’s the beginning of a world full of adventure, and the saga of the player lies in this new console version of this interactive title.

    The famous combat action games have an interactive element in a single player mode for the first time, where the challenge and achievement is the player’s!

    You will be able to test your skills in intense battles against numerous opponents, and you will find the game full of surprises and challenges.

    You will find yourself in a fantastic world, an ancient and unknown world at the dawn of time, in a large open world full of adventure and secrets. You will explore a vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.

    Reality is kept in the game of the world : you will have to fulfill missions to progress through the game, and you will control your adventurer. This character will develop during your travels. You will find yourself in a complete adventure, where your skills will be put to the test, and where your quest is to master the art of fighting.

    Using the full version of Elden Ring ( PC version ) you will be able to travel through numerous popular settings, where you will find the dungeons with their guardians, and the enemies that you will have to master during your quest in the game.

    You will have to fight against opponents of different levels, and you will not be alone. You will find yourself in group, which will accompany you throughout your quest in the game.

    If you have a well equipped you will find a complete adventure in Elden Ring : combat, exploration, danger, magic, and mysteries!

    Become an Elden Lord. Rise, Tarnished. The real power of the Elden Ring has arrived!

    What is the new fantasy action RPG “Elden Ring”?



    Elden Ring Free Registration Code [Win/Mac]



    ※ Available operations
    The buttons of these menus can be used to set the actions for your character. There are two types of menus: the action menu and the key binding menu.
    ※ Keyboard shortcuts
    In the action menu, pressing the designated key that corresponds to the character action or dialogue shortcut will result in an action or a dialogue.
    ※ Menu UI
    The menus include the “Recent” menu, the “Household” menu, the “Follower” menu, and the “Settings” menu. The “Recent” menu is used to select the character that you last used. The “Household” menu is used to switch your character between the party and the individual scenarios. The “Follower” menu is used to teleport a character and use items. The “Settings” menu is used to set the parameters for your character.
    ※ Challenge system
    If you are able to complete the specific number of quests in the challenge system, you will receive the reward. (If you wish to add the number of completed quests, you may be able to press the “Edit” button.)
    ※ Defeat menu
    To obtain full-capacity items, it is necessary to defeat the bosses in the course of the adventure. In the defeat menu, you can choose a battle and you will be given the chance to equip items. (You can select the challenge level and characteristics.)
    ※ Luck management
    Luck, which you can control, increases through gaining experience. On the other hand, if the effectiveness of your offensive capabilities decreases because your luck has decreased, the characters will become weak. Therefore, it is necessary to utilize luck management for this purpose.
    ※ PVP
    You can participate in online PVP. In this case, use the double-click, triple-click, and drag function to control your character’s movements. If you start PVP, you can follow the opponent to attack him. In PVP, you can also start an Instant War in a dead zone.
    ※ Team PVP
    You can participate in team PVP. In this case, use the double-click, triple-click, and drag function to control your character’s movements. You can attack the leader. You can also choose to use the function to control the team’s movements.
    ※ Party
    You can select a party that you can chat with. In this case, the Party’s Help menu is available. By pressing the


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Also included are:

    • An over-the-top adventure that will have you dashing through the world of the game, wielding an arsenal of weapons and magics right at your fingertips.
    • Customizable characters and their legendary weapons and armors unique to the world of Guadosalam!
    • Hundreds of quests to keep you busy for a long time.
    • A variety of monsters to fight, including ancient monsters from the epic mythological tales.
    • Random events and dungeon delves to set you straight on the path of redemption.

    Enter a world of adventure, friendship, and redemption in the Lands Between!


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    – Vast World where you can travel with other players around the world in a vast open world
    – Many Dungeon to explore and new battle map to fight
    – A multilayered story told in fragments. A unique online drama that loosely connects you with the other players
    – Many weapon and armor types to explore
    – Create and customize your character
    – Powerful and diversified weapons and powers
    – Support Raid, Party, Guild, and Ranked mode
    – Variety of attack methods such as Ranged, Melee, and Magic
    – Defense system that allows you to counterattack in real time
    – New gameplay features such as stat boosting, defenses, and counterattack
    – Battle system that allows you to attack from all directions
    – Cute characters to look at
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    System Requirements:







































    System Requirements:

    – Windows 7 / 8 / 10, XP, Vista.
    – Intel 3.4 GHz or faster Processor (dual core recommended)
    – 4GB RAM (8GB recommended)
    – DirectX 11 compatible video card
    -.NET Framework 3.0
    – Minimum 1024 x 768 screen resolution. (Screen resolution can be set in game)
    – Internet connection
    – Windows 7 SP1 or later (