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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.20 / 5 ( 1668 votes )
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The new fantasy action RPG “Elden Ring” is a new and innovative online-multiplayer RPG born in RIFT. The game uses a new “Point-of-View” (“P.O.V”) system in which you can move forward or back at your choice of moments and view the game from an original perspective.

The world of “Elden Ring” encompasses a vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.

“Elden Ring” is set in a world where the legendary tale of the Elder Rune Wars foretells the fate of humanity, which is crumbling due to the magic of the Elder Rune, and a hero will be called upon to restore the world’s balance.

The second expansion is now available and will take players to the Crimson Sea!

Explore the new world with the following content, which will allow you to live your adventure, including new character classes, new currency, powerful stories, and much more!

Crimson Sea
New Environment
New Monsters
One of the worlds that “Elden Ring” is set in, the Crimson Sea, is a world where the chalcedonies of many sea monsters have engulfed the landscape.

The first job will be: Gain the power to explore the new and unknown continent!

“Elden Ring” will offer various new features including a “Crimson Sea” expansion that will increase the amount of content for the players in the game.


***In-Game Character Name Change

The game will support a name change feature in the game. Players can change their in-game names at their own request.

***Deceptive Name Change Vulnerability

*There is a possibility of a player being deceived by the new name. Players need to constantly use their original name and have thorough awareness.

***Tale of Big Names’ Deception

There is a story that there were a certain series of names with an equivalent effect from the beginning. Among them, the name “Asuraka” comes to mind. The name “Asuraka” means “The power of the giants”. There is a story that the name was originally spelled “Asuraka


Additional Information

Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.20 / 5 ( 1668 votes )
Update (9 days ago)


Features Key:

  • Open World Map Exploration
  • Choose Your Battles
  • Four Powerful Classes
  • Four Elemental Classes
  • On the development of the RPG was, from the beginning, only one goal: to ensure the utmost excellent. The original balance of the classes, monsters, items, spell effects, and enemy attack patterns were all finely tuned and refined. This pacing continues even up to the present.

    What other RPG lacks? It’s the option to freely connect online to other players! You can show off your character’s unique body by acquiring abilities that can be further developed. To ensure your online character is as sophisticated as you are, all classes can be used in PvE and PvP, and features such as class-exclusive movement speed and proficiency with Arhats are included.

    Welcome to our world!


    • Explore Our World.
      Exploring in a vast world is a joy. From the very beginning, you’ll delve into a massive open world and play across various areas. The world is full of many different situations, which will leave you surprised!

      • Houses and Villages
      In addition to the main maps, there are dozens of beautiful houses scattered across the world. If a village has plenty of villagers, there may be a Shrek clan members or monsters to meet!
      • Dungeons
      The large dungeon network that spans over 50 square kilometers will keep you intrigued for many hours.

      • Many Areas
      We’ve also included an enormous variety of buildings and items. With various buildings, towns, and items all placed for easy access, you’ll have many different, fun things to interact with.
      • You Can Make your Character
      Every character has their own skill tree, so you can change the class according to your own style. Whether you like to fight with heavy weapons or use powerful spells, there will be something for you!

      • You Can Discover New Levels!
      In the new class system, our goal has been that no matter how many levels of the guild you already have, you can be a dominant team member by choosing different classes.

      • Chance for


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      Game Info


      Kojima Productions


      Kojima Productions













      May 31, 2018


      May 31, 2018

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      Please correct me if im wrong but it looks like kojima as been mis labled as being the creator of the game and not miranda beek which is a veteran kojima Studio Game designer like is kojima or any of his team member on staff at Konami games does she has been involved in the Kojima Studio had no clue what the hell she was talking about maybe she knows what she talking about i the past maybe she has over looked this industry for too long and has not only been working for Konami but for a studio or game designers i would say she have been at konamie most of her life she may have been forgotten as a actor by the time i was born which is some what old but she has always been my idol i was told to day by a friend when i was just a kid that if there is ever a konami game out but bad that i find out to be true i have to go to casper and try to catch her and ask her if there was any truth in the rumors if she saw the game in konami i want to kill her but she can be a pain in the ass to start a fight with her when you dont know what you talking about and just attack her like she is nothing maybe after i get kojima to finally announce if she is involved in any of his projects that she can stop acting like a pretentious shithead and start acting like a actress like i have been all my life i might start liking her again if she became kojima somersault he better address the rumors but she is just acting like an imposter she has been everyone thing since the konami daysi would look at it as a good thing in a way maybe she is tired of the industry or wants to do something else and kojima Studio and Konami should stop looking back on the past and realize they have a great Game making team in place that not only can make great games but can make great Game Designers and well as story writers and producers look up to but they also need to realize that


      Elden Ring Crack + Download (Latest)

      Gameplay BoE game:

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      Enter the land of Elden as Tarnished, one of the strongest warriors among the hero’s party, and rise in power while battling against monsters. Facing adventure and danger wherever you go, be sure to do everything in your power to achieve your highest level of fame and fortune.
      Become an Elden Lord.
      Earn Fame and Fortune through competition in open-ended fights, gain new equipment, and progress through the ranks to become an Elden Lord, the strongest hero on the battlefield.
      The latest fantasy action RPG, Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between!
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      Developer / Publisher:




      Categories / Age Rating:

      Mild Action / 17


      Language / Violence

      Blood / Mild

      Actions / Violence

      Two playable characters, one male and one female, each with different character types, and 8 different jobs.
      * The game starts on a beautiful night, which is slowly transformed into a night with monsters. The moon is on the rise.
      * Seven heroes. Each hero belongs to a different class, with a different mission, skill set, and play style.
      * 6 different classes. Each class has its own unique equipment and skills.
      * 10 adventure maps.
      * 10 lands that are different from each other in size, design, and theme.
      * 4 types of dungeons to explore.
      * Elaborate and colorful graphics.
      * Music tracks from genres such as rock, punk, jazz, and classical.
      * Unique OSTs for each heroine.
      * Other than that, there are plenty of materials, events, quests, jobs, and items to


      What’s new:

      □ Evolution of Solo Gameplay
      The main game quest of Tarnished World is a completely seamless quest. You won’t be forced to play against others directly.
      □ Touch Screen exclusive Character Management
      Using a touch screen, you can navigate the character management screen more quickly and easily. You can easily move your character in battle while watching a play-by-play with the button, drag & drop the character when moving them, and search your items by groups or a specific attribute with the touch screen.
      □ Different Online Presentation
      Synchronously and simultaneously match with other players online. Increase the number of players and teams available for PvP in order to concentrate the battle ratio.

      □ Cooperative Game Play
      You can play as a group with up to 3 players, a living display system that helps you strategize, and other players can move around in the Hero Summon System while your main character stays in a resting state.
      □ Online asynchronous PvP
      Synchronously and simultaneously play in a ranked system and fight against other heroes. If your PvP ranking is high enough, you can join ranked PvP matches with other players for free. Players in PvP matches will be separated into teams for convenience.

      A Unique Item System and Value Function

      1) A New Combination System Based on Item Basics
      The game uses a combination of type, attribute, and subclass. In addition to the items that can be freely changed, five types of progress conditions like status or cooperation are set to the items.
      In the type items, when the character’s status is weakened or changed, he is found to participate in battle with an item.
      A new feature is customization, whereby attributes can be combined for a certain item to produce a class for the item.
      Concerning the valuation function, even if the attribute, status, and subclass are increased, it will be deducted if the item is destroyed.



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      Game Features:

      • An epic drama born from a myth

      • A vast world full of excitement

      • Various special effects

      • Various character classes

      • A variety of enemies and bosses

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    • press ‘A’ to
    • activate a character or ‘B’ to activate all.
    • Character management: When the character is up to level 30, press ‘C’.
    • Create a character.
    • In the upper left of the screen is on the time and experience points (you can also view the moment when the character was born). When the character reaches the level of 30, the counter for the health points is increased by 5 and, when the health is lower than -(health points), a message appears. If the character continues to get lower, it is automatically deleted. This can be used to directly influence the circumstances in view of the time of the lifespan.
    • Part of the playing of graphics or animations: When pressing ‘R’, all time music is played, whether in the background or at the start of an animation.
    • To play a cut scene (with camera) all you need to do is press ‘R’. If you do not agree, you can make a customized cut scene, but it will not



      System Requirements:

      PC systems are being patched on July 10. We expect that all platforms will be fully patched on July 12.
      Additional Notes:
      The servers will be taken offline shortly before patch time to ensure that our service does not become unavailable during the patch process. We will post additional server status information here as we have it available.
      To help you prepare for the upcoming patch, we have provided a brief guide on how to update your Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ launcher. We also have a more in-depth guide here.
      There may be rare instances where you