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* **Photoshop 7** : Check out _Photoshop CS for Windows Starter Edition Users Guide_ (``).
* **Photoshop 8** : Go to ``.
* **Photoshop CS2** : Visit ``.
* **Photoshop CS3** : Check out ``.
* **Photoshop CS4** : Go to ``.
* **Photoshop CS5** : Check out ``.
* **Photoshop CS6** : Visit ``.

Even if you don’t own a copy of Photoshop, you can still preview and open the file formats mentioned in this chapter by using Adobe’s free web-based product: ``. You must visit the Adobe website for the most recent technical support and software updates for Photoshop, but this service allows you to preview all the file formats in Figure 10-1.

Figure 10-1: Preview the Open image option on the Creative Cloud web site.

For more information about free web-based software, check out Chapter 3.

## Opening an Image in Photoshop

Photoshop is the most widely used, best-loved, and most-wanted image-editing program of all the Adobe products. Because this program is so powerful, it has all kinds of different file formats, and some formats aren’t compatible with other programs, so you need to be able to open any image type to see its quality. The truth is, though, that you’re more likely to edit anything that’s already in Photoshop than you are to open a brand-new file of any type. Even when you want to create a new file, it’s often easier to grab a new image from another website, a magazine, or a cell phone than to open a new file on your computer.

For the sake of consistency, I use the term _opening an image_ to mean the process of

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It includes many tools that the rest of the Photoshop suite doesn’t have, but at the same time it doesn’t come with the endless array of libraries that Photoshop has.

In this article we will review the best Photoshop alternatives that are available for Windows, including the best free editors.

Photoshop Alternatives Best Free Editors

Adobe Photoshop Alternatives for Mac

Adobe Photoshop Elements Alternatives for Mac

Adobe Photoshop Alternatives for Windows

1. Adobe Photoshop Alternatives for Windows

Adobe Photoshop alternatives are easily found, as the most used graphics editing software is one of the most popular. These free and open source editions are usually not as feature-rich as Photoshop, but often even more powerful.

Adobe Photoshop Alternatives for Windows

Photoshop GIMP is the most popular Photoshop alternative for Windows. The most popular version is GIMP 2.10.12. It was initially released in 2002. The current version is GIMP 2.12.21. GIMP is based on the Open Source GEGL and GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) with the aim of being free from Adobe, a corporate software giant. It is free and open source, as Photoshop and all other Adobe software, except Photoshop Elements. It is a cross-platform editor with support for Windows, OS X and Linux, and is available in many other languages.

GIMP has a variety of advanced features including tools to create vector graphics, lens flare, HDR filters, and a film grain tool. It is also a robust image editor with plenty of features like brushes, layers and selection tools.

Many professional photographers and graphic designers prefer GIMP over Photoshop. Some report that GIMP has the fastest performance with a lot more features than Photoshop. The version number does not tell us how many features are packed into the application.

In the current version of GIMP 2.12.21, there are many new features included, such as a new GUI for color management, a multilayer support, a GPU path interaction tool, a virtual canvas mode, a smartphone mode, and much more.

The interface is much different than Photoshop and we would have to say that GIMP is very close to Photoshop, but with its own unique look and feel.

Adobe Photoshop Alternatives for Windows

Unlike other Photoshop alternatives, Photoshop

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// Server implements sasl.Server
type Server interface {
// Start waits for connections and returns success upon one successfully
Start(server, *sdp.SDP, *core.Config, string, []*core.Address, int) (*core.Address, error)
// Close releases all resources of the server

// Listener implements sasl.Listener
type Listener interface {
// Close releases all resources of the listener

// Conn implements sasl.Connection
type Conn interface {
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Listen(addr net.Addr) (sasl.Server, error)
// Accept accepts the connection
Accept() (Conn, error)

// ConnOwner implements sasl.ConnectionOwner
type ConnOwner interface {
// Close releases all resources of the owner

// AdHoc implements sasl.AdHoc
type AdHoc struct {
IpAddr string
UdpAddr string
TlsRemote *sdp.TLSRemoteAddress
TlsCerts map[string]string
TlsIdentity *core.TLSCertificateIdentity
OwnAddr *core.Address
Misc *sdp.Misc
JsonConfig *sdp.JsonConfig
Flags map[string]map[string]interface{}

// NewAdHoc creates a new AdHoc
func NewAdHoc() *AdHoc {
return &AdHoc{
JsonConfig: sdp.DefaultJsonConfig,
Flags: map[string]map[string]interface{}{},

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