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* Learn more about Photoshop in my book, _Photoshop All-in-One For Dummies_, 2nd Edition.

Because Photoshop can be so complex, this book skips too many of the more advanced aspects of using Photoshop. If you really want to learn more, I recommend that you take one of the Photoshop books listed in the adjacent sidebar for more detailed information.

You can download the free, trial version of Photoshop. If you have tried it and want to buy a full version, you can find it in the Adobe Creative Cloud site ( and register for a free account. Even though you can download the trial version of Photoshop, you can’t use all the features. If you want the full program, the best alternative to registering for a free account is to buy the product outright.

A word of caution: When using Photoshop, don’t expect the program to work as advertised. Many software updates and program improvements have been added, and your computer may not necessarily recognize the latest version of a program. Additionally, you can get frustrated when using Photoshop, as various options in different dialog boxes can seem like “black holes” to you. There are dozens of dialog boxes that you can get lost in when you create images. I try to explain the most common settings and tools in this book, but don’t forget that there are a zillion other ways of performing basic edits.

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While Photoshop is primarily used for editing photographs, Adobe Photoshop Elements is primarily used for editing and organizing photographs. Photoshop has many powerful editing tools in the “professional” version and Photoshop Elements contains fewer “editing tools” and much fewer effects.

Photoshop was originally a Mac OS program whereas Photoshop Elements is an Adobe product developed specifically for Windows. However, Adobe Photoshop Elements is able to use the Mac OS file format (.PSD) and a number of plug-ins are available for both the Mac OS and Windows versions of Photoshop, allowing Photoshop Elements to perform more tasks on the Mac than the Windows version.


Photoshop (and Elements) was originally designed for the Macintosh operating system. Adobe developed the Windows version that was launched in April 2004. Adobe Photoshop Elements was started as a fully featured equivalent to the professional version of Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop Elements 1.0 for Windows was released in 2003, with a Mac version released in 2005.

Prior to Photoshop Elements 1.0, many Photoshop users made their own image edits and graphics on their Windows systems using the Windows Operating System. However, the goal of Photoshop Elements was to create a full-featured image editing software for photographers on Windows, as a substitute for the professional version of Photoshop.


Adobe Photoshop Elements provides many of the most popular features found in professional version of Adobe Photoshop including:

Targets Photoshop files and selected image targets

Image Magick
ImageMagick support which can be used to perform the following tasks:

convert images and edit image conversions

convert files from one format to another

merge images

crop images



mirror images

level and contrast adjustments



crop and enhance images

reduce image resolution

grayscale and colorize images

add a watermark

add text or change font

edit layered images

new features

Effects – Adobe Photoshop Elements:

20+ different filters and effects

selective adjustment layers

blending modes

garbage collection


normalize image curves

quickly create masked areas

mask a layer with an image

blending modes

rough selections

controlling effects

create and modify an adjustment layer

create and edit paths

save layers and filters

customize brushes


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40. Vectorize Photoshop
41. Retouch
42. Blur
43. Defringe
44. Flipbook
45. Overlay
46. Text
47. Clone Stamp
48. Multiple Layers
49. Image Adjustment Layers
50. Create a Photo Book
51. Spell Check
52. Filter
53. CameraRAW
54. Image Processor
55. Sponge
56. Softbox
57. Mixer
58. History
59. Liquify
60. Shadow
61. Color
62. Colorize
63. Clone
64. Live Trace
65. Crop
66. Distort
67. Create a 3D Fly-Through
68. 3D
69. Video
70. 3D Photo
71. 3D Panorama
72. Object/Text Replacement
73. Animation
74. Book Form
75. Color Balance
76. Configurations
77. Color Noises
78. Effects
79. Filter Gallery
80. Font Catalogue
81. Gradient Guide
82. Image Rotator
83. Image Viewer
84. Hex/Octal
85. Layering
86. Layer Mask
87. Lightroom
88. Modify with Custom Brushes
89. Movie Editor
90. Open for Edit
91. Photoshop Complete
92. Painters Brush
93. Pencil/Colored Brush
94. Pattern
95. Paste
96. Preview for HTML
97. Preview for PDF
98. Photoshop Lightroom Mobile
99. Photoshop Elements

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