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Dialo is a powerful application. Its interface is very easy to understand.
Each time you click a button, the operation that you want to perform is done
Dialo offers you a variety of extensions. If a call is connected to one of these extensions, the extension will be disconnected automatically. If you want the call to remain connected, use the hold command.

Dialo Features:

Dialo offers various functions from one dialog:
It’s possible to define different extensions and to group them in a dialog.
Dialo is a real time application. Once you have initiated a dial, you can not change what you did.

Dialo works with Cisco IP Phones connected to your local network.
Dialo is a professional software designed to enable you to select and dial any phone number from your computer. It works with Cisco IP phones connected to your local network and it can send several commands such as dial, end, hold on each extension you select.

Dialo is a low cost application, it’s free.
Dialo is the only dialer that works with Cisco IP phones. If you prefer another dialer, you need to buy this one.
Dialo’s licence is distributed and enables to distribute your own copy of this application.
With the installed certificate, it’s possible to start two windows. Only the signed copy is effective.
You need a full version of Dialo to have all the commands available.
Dialo is not compatible with dialers that provides a GUI.

How to downloadDialo?

Let’s download Dialo by clicking on the following link

We will then see an image similar to the following one:


Choose “Fetch All” from the bottom of the Dialo window to download the free version of Dialo, or “Download Licence” if you want the application to be available at your cost.

How to install Dialo?

Run the setup.exe file and follow the installation instructions.
It’s possible to modify the setup.exe file as long as it doesn’t contain sensitive information.

If you encounter an error or have any question please contact us

Dialo [Updated]

* Select the phone numbers you wish to call from your Computer.
* A list of hold commands that you have set up.
* Stops the dialing process if you press key ‘Alt+c’ or ‘Alt+e’.
* Stops the dialing process when in ‘CC mode’ (Dialing a call from the call-back number).
* Dialer notifies if you have reached the maximum number of extensions on the phone.
* Set the call wait time.
* Execute the dialing command as soon as the selected number is connected.
* You can choose between Free and Voicemail extensions by using the ‘Ctrl+D’ key.
* User definable Zoom.
* Re-dial the phone to continue from ‘ALT+c’
* Keyboard support for Windows and Linux.
* Get the contact numbers of the people connected on the Internet.
* Functions and examples for Cisco IP phones.
* Simple VoiceMail “CALL-FORWARD” feature.
* Set or remove the Call Forwarding property.
* Dial a phone and play music at the same time.
* Set or change the speed of the sound.
* You can define the ‘out’ number for a call, to which the call returns.
* Forward the call by Clicking a button and add your name or status message to the out number.
* Delete the number of a phone number from the Dialo Torrent Download list.
* Get the internal phone extension of the selected phone from the Dialo list.
* Automatically dial a phone when a network router assigned to the phone is re-routed.
* Search for a specific phone number in the Dialo list.
* Share your dialer with other PC users.
* Select a dialer from Dialo list that you used the last time you connected to the Internet.
* User and Group management.
* Run several Dialers from a single machine.
* Dial the phone and wait for the answer.
* Check if a phone has more then one line.
* Execute the same command on all connected extensions.
* Display the full phone number.
* Set the dialing options from the Dialo configuration file.
* Select the ‘Dial a number’ command and add numbers to the list.
* Define the size of the dialog window of the ‘Dial a number’ command.
* Change the font size of the Dialer window.

Dialo [Win/Mac] [Latest 2022]

* Dial multiple phone numbers at a time
* Dial and transfer calls
* Dial on hold, transfer calls
* Send and receive messages
* On Hold
* Easy configuration
* Delete calls
* Send Messages
* Background or Wi-Fi Applications

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What’s New in the Dialo?

Dialo’s main function is to easily dial a number by selecting the desired telephone extension, choosing the incoming number and pressing the send button without any effort. Additionally Dialo can detect the presence of a hold request, which is indicated by a green ring on the associated extensions.
Dialo can also help you view and execute a dial or hold-on-me command on the selected extension. The commands you need are highlighted with an animated cursor. Once a command is executed, Dialo automatically updates the views to indicate to you the results of your action. Dialo can access and control the properties of the extension such as the caller ID, ring/caller options and access codes.
Dialo can also dial a number by choosing the outgoing telephone number and pressing the dial button.
Dialo is very simple to use and it is also available as an add-on module for Asterisk for quick integration with your Call Center. It can be downloaded and installed free of charge.


This is specifically for the Cisco IP Phones that support the iMode and MTC (Multimedia Telephony Control) extensions.


It’s up to the controller in use on the phone. If it supports iMode it works as expected. If you’re stuck with MTC, then you’re limited to the settings that are coded into the phones themselves and may not be familiar with the settings on the Cisco phones.
If you need to dial an extension but don’t have a native MTC phone, and don’t want to code for iMode, then the most robust (and very cumbersome) method is to have the call on the extension enter a hold and use up a hold time on another extension. I’d recommend against it.

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System Requirements:

Xbox One:
OS: 6.2.1
CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-7200U, AMD FX-6300
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, AMD Radeon R9 295X2,
AMD Radeon™ RX 480 8GB, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
Storage: 50 GB available space
Controller: Xbox One Controller
Availability: August 7, 2018
OS: 7.0.0
CPU: Intel