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Bulk Mailer Professional 8.3.4272.18769 Crack +

What is new in this release:

New: Supports Outlook 2016 or later, as well as newer versions of iOS and Android devices.
Easily create a HTML message from an easy-to-use user interface.
Create email messages from an Outlook contact list, an Excel spreadsheet or a Word document.
View and export data from your bulk email campaigns.
Save time and use the built-in scheduler to schedule your email campaigns.
– Current version – for Windows – for Mac, iOS & Android

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Bulk Mailer Professional help:

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This program is basically an address list manager in the sense that it can import address lists from the Internet and keep them in your user profile. These address lists can be filtered and exported. Furthermore, you can delete your address lists from time to time if you don’t use them any longer and from then on create new lists. This program can be used for forwarding newsletters, for the distribution of advertising information, spammer, and similar offer emails.

With this great software you can send e-mail with just one mouse click. You can create a mailing list and send e-

Bulk Mailer Professional 8.3.4272.18769 Crack For Windows


1. Email sender and recipient list
Bulk Mailer Professional Cracked Version allows users to send and receive bulk email messages in multiple email addresses using a standard POP/SMTP server. An email address in the list can contain multiple parts, such as first, last and company.

2. Replicate your contacts list to your multiple email addresses
An email address in the list can contain multiple parts such as first, last and company. Bulk Mailer Professional Torrent Download allows users to replicate a list of email addresses to multiple email addresses.

3. Perform common and complex email transformations with HTML and list strategies.
Bulk Mailer Professional easily converts HTML (hypertext markup language) email messages to text or plain text, and allows you to perform common and complex email transformations.

4. Customize your HTML messages with CSS, JS, Macros, and logos.
Bulk Mailer Professional allows users to modify their HTML messages with Advanced CSS and JavaScript. In addition, users can convert HTML email messages into text.

5. Create HTML email messages using pre-configured templates, or customize them.
Bulk Mailer Professional allows users to create HTML email messages with pre-configured templates or customize them.

6. Bulk send your HTML email messages.
Bulk Mailer Professional allows users to send bulk HTML email messages for as many as several thousand users in just a few seconds.

7. Create Opt-in mailing lists.
Bulk Mailer Professional allows users to create Opt-in mailing lists, build recipient lists and send opt-in emails to users or opt-out emails to users.

8. Integrate to mailing list providers.
Users can integrate bulk mailer professional to their own mailing list providers for bulk mailing.

9. Work with multiple email addresses using SMTP servers and SSL.
Bulk Mailer Professional allows users to work with multiple email addresses using SMTP servers and SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

10. Track your email sending progress and results.
Bulk Mailer Professional allows users to track their email sending progress and results.

11. Manage sending statistics for more than 20 years.
Bulk Mailer Professional allows users to manage their email sending for more than 20 years with sending statistics.

12. Control your sending queues with unlimited sending limit.
Bulk Mailer Professional allows users to control their sending queues for as much as 40,000 users with unlimited sending limit.

Bulk Mailer Professional 8.3.4272.18769 License Key Full 2022

Bulk Mailer Professional is a high-performance bulk email software for targeted email marketing campaigns and powerful email lists management.
With Bulk Mailer Professional, you can easily manage opt-in mailing lists for your subscribers, create high personalized HTML messages and newsletters and send them in just few minutes.
Bulk Mailer Professional allows you to quickly create email messages and send them to multiple email addresses.
Key features:
✔ Opt-in mailing list management;
✔ Create high personalized HTML messages;
✔ Email lists management;
✔ Easy to use, with a smooth and intuitive interface;
✔ Automatic archiving of emails;
✔ Option to send emails in Bulk or individually.

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Data integration:
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What’s New In?

* Supports the most popular HTML email templates
* Works great with all online and offline email clients
* Can be integrated easily to any web site or CMS
* Easy to use, just few minutes to create your new email
* No programming or server skills needed
* Support full customization
* The Ability to send to multiple recipients at the same time
* One click tracking systems (direct, affiliate, mobile)
* Advanced features for filtering, segmenting and data analysis
* Supports csv and excel file import
* Supports new and or deleted contacts
* Supports up to 100,000 emails
* Can send messages from any computer, tablet or mobile device
* No advertising or third party software to install
* Save your time and resources with Bulk Mailer Professional

What can Bulk Mailer Professional do for me?
With Bulk Mailer Professional you can automate your bulk emailer and save time and resources.
* Automatically update email addresses
* Automatically add emails to existing or new contacts
* Send messages to many recipients at the same time
* Cleaning and filtering emails for marketing purpose and keeping them secure
* Can be used with different email clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Gmail or any other popular email clients
* The ability to send HTML message is also supported for free
* Can be integrated to your own website or CMS with ease
* Can use cloud services to send messages and keep the lists secure
* Can integrate with dozens of third party services and software, and with all major email services
* Can be installed to one computer or multiple computers
* Bulk Mailer Professional is 100% safe to use and completely free
* Can run from any internet browser

Bulk Mailer Professional Differences:
Bulk Mailer Professional is 100% safe to use and completely free.
High performance and best service software for bulk emailing, mail merging, lead capture and newsletter subscription.

Bulk Mailer Professional Features:
Bulk Mailer Professional Features include:
* Import bulk lists from CSV, csv, txt, xls, xlsx and xlsx/csv files.
* Migrating existing bulk email lists.
* Bulk editing options to send messages to old and new email addresses.
* Filter and cleanup emails.
* Modern and clean interface.
* Ability to send personalized messages.
* Ability to edit messages and send to multiple recipients at the same time.
* Ability to create new email

System Requirements:

– Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
– 1GHz or faster processor
– 2 GB of RAM
– 8 GB of available storage space
– DirectX 9.0 or OpenGL 2.0 or higher, also available on NVIDIA card (some effects are not available on NVIDIA cards and will require Microsoft Windows platform)
– 1280 x 720 screen resolution
– DirectX 9.0c, OpenGL 2.0, OpenAL 1.1 or higher, also available on NVIDIA card
– Accelerated Graphics