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Java API: Graph Library
Meta-programming: JSP / EL
BMP Export: PNG / JPG / GIF
Flash Export: SWF
SVG Export: EPS / PDF / SVG
XML Export: XML
APLL Export: Java Applets
XSLT: Exporting.
SOAL UI: Graphs Tags.
SOAL XML API: Generating the Graph.
SOAL JAVA API: Generating the Graph.
IPP: Importing Data
NVDG: NVDG reusing.
Funnel 1.7 is an open source project of the Eureka project, a set of Java and JavaScript APIs, libraries and frameworks useful for every kind of developer. It includes a Java implementation of Common Software Library (C-S-L) + the PostgreSQL database.
Funnel’s tag library is based on Ext.js and includes the following features:
– HTML5, CSS and CoffeeScript support (meta-programming)
– XHTML support (meta-programming)
– Simple, fast and lightweight API for creating Swing, Java and RIA user interfaces with a very intuitive and easy-to-use API
– A set of stand-alone plugins for creating PDF, interactive flash, image, charts, skin, gauges, calendars and calendars. It includes an implementation of moment.js for converting JavaScript dates to dates in any time zone, improving the plugin’s performance.
– The implementation of the Funnel SuperList component, a list structure that extends an HTML element to include other elements that are not stored in a DOM.
– The implementation of up to four rtaxtime column timers for the Grid, Cell and Row components. This feature enables developers to extend a widget’s functionality.
– A Grid cell renderer with a set of properties that can be used to customize its appearance and behavior.
– A Style for each of the widgets: Grid, Cell and Row.
– The CellTable component, which organizes data dynamically in a table format.
– The RowTable component, which organizes data dynamically in a table format.
– The first column hidden until the data displays, so the user can see the page’s structure without seeing the details of the data.
– A filter column that filters all data on the basis of a specified property.
– The first column’s icon with set properties to create a preview of the sorting results.
– And many other features.

Big Faceless Graph Library X64

Use Big Faceless Graph Library to create a wide variety of line graphs and chart types. It’s based on Java 2D API and is fully customizable. The graph containers allow artists to lay out their line graphs however they like. This means that custom themes can be created by editing CSS files. The graph containers are fully interactive and can be repositioned. They include items such as 3D tabs, 3D pie charts, 3D line graphs and 3D bar graphs. Add and remove these containers without losing layout. The graph’s colors, line thickness and other properties are also fully customizable. Included are many example applications showing how graphs and charts can be used in business, education and scientific environments.
Big Faceless Graph Library features:
3D line graphs and pie charts
Customizable graphs, graphs and items
Includes example applications
SOAL and XML Web Services interface
Supports line, text and custom shapes
Compatible with Google’s Java API
Supports any graph item layout
Customizable colors, line thickness
Scales and axes and polar or logarithmic axes
Supports crosshatching
Fonts, backgrounds and controls are fully customizable
SVG and Flash export
Supports FlowLayout, BoxLayout, BorderLayout
Supported layouts include FlowLayout, BorderLayout, BoxLayout, BoxHorizontalLayout, BoxVerticalLayout, WrappingLayout
Line graphs can have 3D effects including shadows, 3D perspective and 3D zoom
Supports web apps, desktop, or anything that uses a java.awt.Canvas
MacOS X compatible
Supported file formats include PNG, Flash, SVG, PDF, Java2DImage and Java2DImage
Text automatically fills its container area
Includes a built-in graphing engine that can create a wide variety of line graphs and charts
Expert Java and Swing graphics interface
Expert Java and Swing graphics interface
Big Faceless Graph Library Copyright:
Copyright (c) 2011 Stanford University and contributors
Use of this library is subject to the terms and conditions of the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Dedicated to Java developers, Big Faceless Graph Library is a class library that gives them the possibility to build graphs and charts. It features a powerful 3D engine that can generate 2D or shaded 3D line graphs pie charts,

Big Faceless Graph Library

Big Faceless Graph Library (BFGL), released under the terms of the LGPL, is a powerful class library that lets you create graphs and charts using almost any type of data. It is designed to be extremely easy to use and learn. Graphics are created by simple keystrokes and lines are created with a single mouse click. You can also create pie charts, line and bar charts, graphs and custom markets. The library also includes a large number of symbols and fonts.
Key Features of Big Faceless Graph Library:
* Line, Bar and Area Charts
* Pie Charts
* Text Plots
* Funnel Charts
* Data Samples
* Math Functions
* Logarithmic Charts
* Spline Curves
* Nested Graphs
* Graphs with Custom Markets
* Custom Charts
* Large Custom Chart Library
* Multiple Axes
* Standard 3D and Shaded 3D Charts
* Custom Window Managers
* Beautiful and Preserving Charts
* Graph Export
* Line Export
* Export to: SVG, PNG,
* Flash, Java2D, Java3D, Java2DImage
* SVG Export for Adobe Fireworks and Dreamweaver
* Export to: PDF, TIFF, GIF, PNG, PNG with transparency, PNG with full alpha
* Java2D Image Export for Applets
* Data, Math and Logarithmic Chart for OpenOffice Calc
* Java3D Image Export for OpenOffice Calc
* Export to SWF
* Custom Chart Tag Interfaces with Options, Parameters, Context Managers
* Custom Chart Tag Options
* Custom Chart Tag Parameters
* Custom Chart Tag Context Managers
* Custom Chart Tag Formatters
* Custom Chart Tag Layout Managers
* Data X, Y and Z Grids
* Large User-defined Chart Tag Library
* X, Y, Z Axis Lines
* Custom Color Palettes
* Colorscales and Color Curves
* Color Grid
* Color Scale
* Pinch and Zoom zoom
* Custom Line Palettes
* Custom Line Type curves and Render Styles
* Line Types
* Line Markers
* Brush and Pen drawing
* Line Stroke styles
* Line Auto-hiding
* To read or not to read
* Well-organized XML Documentation
* Class Hierarchy Charts
* Graphs with Custom Markets
* 3D Line Graphs and Charts

What’s New In Big Faceless Graph Library?

– Many line graphs, pie charts and area graphs and exporting to PNG, Flash, PDF, SVG or java.awt.Image (for Applets) format.
– XML or JSP/JSP/CSS Tag Library interface for creating graphs. It’s likely the one that stands out, since it simplifies the way graphs are embedded in webpages
– wide range of features: it supports up to 4 axes; it is possible to use logarithmic types; data samples, math functions or spline curves fitted to data can be used
– Funnel chart: a funnel chart is an easy way of showing the effects of a score or test on the results when different groups of a study are on a scale.
– JSP/HTML5/CSS3 Tag Library interface for creating graphs. It can also be embedded in webpages, and used to build/update/play scores and test.
– Graphs can be colored either through the XML Web Services interface or through the functions JSOP/GUIOP/XMLOUT. It’s also possible to set the range of colors in the XML configuration file and in the function JSOP in the GUI interface.
– Users may integrate text on the axes, labels, categories, data samples, math functions and functions.
– The graph engines have been ported to many platforms: Mac, Windows, Linux, Solaris and BeOS.
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Big Faceless Graph Library is a class library that gives them the possibility to build graphs and charts. It features a powerful 3D engine that can generate 2D or shaded 3D line graphs pie charts, bar and area graphs using any viewpoints and by adjusting the light source.

With this tool, Java developers can export their projects to PNG, Flash, SVG, PDF or java.awt.Image (for Applets) format. Among its wide range of features, the XML and JSP Tag Library interface is likely the one that stands out, thanks to the fact that it simplifies the way graphs are embedded in webpages. This can be done either by making the graph PNG, which means turning to JavaScripts for creating actions and rollovers, or by putting together Flash or SVG for vector images.

Graphs can be created using a SOAL and XML Web Services interface. Big Faceless Graph Library contains API and Tag help documentation with many examples. Funnel charts are supported. Also, users may integrate lines, text or custom markets in any part of the graph

System Requirements For Big Faceless Graph Library:

* Minimum 4GB VRAM (8GB for 3D visual quality), 2GB GPU memory are required
* Minimum 8GB system storage space is required to install and run the game (max 25GB)
* 1280*720 resolution is required to run the game
* OS version: Windows 7, 8, 10
* VRAM (Graphics)
* GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770/AMD Radeon R9 290 or higher, CUDA compliant is recommended
* GPU (Frame rate)
* GTX 970 (1080p)