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Aseba is a robotics software for Thymio robot

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The Aseba Programming Toolbox is an open-source software designed to help with the programming of robots and simulators. Based on Matlab, it allows you to:
• Design your own programs for your robots.
• Modify and extend your own programs.
• Play with or against you and your robot in a virtual world.
• Test and train with your robot.
• Program the robot in a MATLAB-style environment.
• Experiment with your robot using an interactive 3D simulator.
• Develop and load your own simulation model of your robot to examine its behavior.
• Check memory consumption.
• Perform debugging.
• Make your own playable education games.
• See the results of your coding.
This software has several purposes. Its first aim is to allow you to design your own programs and load them to the robot. Its second one is to allow you to modify and extend programs made by other developers. Its third one is to allow you to play with or against you in a virtual world, and try out the programming process as if it were for real. Its fourth purpose is to make the programming process for your robot a lot easier. It includes Matlab scripts that make it easy to extend, modify, and debug the programs. Its fifth aim is to help you develop an overview of the concepts of robotics.

This app in my opinion is a good tool, but not a must one.It comes with a lot of free apps, there is nothing that I personally dislike about the app.Let me explain my views about this app.
First thing is the design of this app, it is very nice,the little items on the left are like buttons,they are not very big but that is ok because they look cute to me.
Second thing is the “R” that is in the picture,it means “Robot” and the image is of what it looks like.
Third thing is the “V” on the picture that is standing on the “A” it means “virtual” so it means the robot is running on a virtual world,it is like it is in the robot lab.
Fourth thing is the “P” means Programming but what it is doing it is just copying your code,this happens only for educational purposes.
Fifth thing is the text that says “opensource”.The text on the picture says “copyright and all rights reserved” and it says “THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED ” and

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Aseba is a programming toolbox for Thymio robots. It offers a set of capabilities including the development of robotics applications and the control of Thymio robots.

The application is suitable for beginners and expert developers. Its Matlab-style syntax and easy-to-use editor have been tailored for Thymio robots, which are microcontroller-based.
The Aseba Programming Studio is a graphical application that allows robots to be programmed by dragging and dropping blocks of code onto the programming area. It provides a simulated environment to build a programming environment and test the effectiveness of programs in a real environment. By providing a network simulator, it makes it possible to integrate with many software libraries.
Alongside this unique software, a free game is available (Aseba Challenge) that users can play to try their skills at robotics programming.

With the Aseba Challenge, the user can program robots with a unique programming language and interact with a simulator to see the robots’ actions.

Applications include:
Robotics: programming of a Thymio robot
Education: introduction to robotics for secondary school students and college students
Home automation: in-home robot control from a computer

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What’s New In?

A simple language to program microcontroller
Approachable syntax and easy to understand
Starts from the concept of text programming
Supports both simulated and real robots
Main focus on programming microcontroller or embedded device
Functional programming is more practical than imperative programming
IDE for Arduino and different languages
Practical for programming, performance monitoring, design, and simulation
ESP8266 support for new version
Programming robot with Aseba
– Download the latest version of Aseba Studio
– Download the latest version of Aseba PlayGround
– If you are using your computer, first install Arduino IDE
– If you are using a Windows computer, download the trial version of Aseba Studio
– If you are using a macOS computer, download the trial version of Aseba Studio
– If you are using an Ubuntu computer, download the trial version of Aseba Studio
– If you are using a Linux computer, download the trial version of Aseba Studio
– Open Aseba Studio and load your Scratch project
– Select the “file -> export asseba code”
– Input “new project” and save the project’s folder
– If you are using a Windows computer, download Aseba Studio trial version and install it
– If you are using an Ubuntu computer, download and install Aseba Studio
– Input “seba” into your PlayGround
– If you want to use the Aseba Simulator, set the log level from DEBUG to DEBUG2
– If you are using an ESP8266WROVER-C1, set Debug function 3
– If you are using an ESP8266WROVER-C2, set Debug function 3
– Aseba PlayGround will automatically load the appropriate simulator
– Aseba PlayGround will automatically load the appropriate simulator
– The environment is isolated from the rest of the system
– The environment is isolated from the rest of the system
– Input “seba” into the “Aseba->program”
– Let your robot move and let it run the code

Note: For printing and saving the projects, use other IDE, for example Arduino or Edimax.


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