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Please note that this application is no longer supported. However, it can still be downloaded from Softpedia and used with the limitations mentioned on this page.
If you work in a large company, you might understand the importance of having an efficient way to communicate with your employees or colleagues. Air Messenger Lite is one of the applications that can help you set up such a system and use it without significant efforts.
Easy to install
First things first, installing this product on your computer can be accomplished easily, as there's no sign of advanced configuration or complicated steps you need to perform during setup.
However, at the end of the process, right before you launch the application, it will detect whether or not you have configured any valid devices and prompt you to do so.
Requires a modem interface
In order for Air Messenger Lite to run, you need to provide it with a supported modem device that it can use as a relay to send messages to any users that are connected to it.
Once you configure the modem, you're ready to go; you just need to set the receiving devices (mobile phones, pagers) to connect to the interface you just set up and start messaging them.
Backup and restore support
As a failsafe measure, you can backup contents to your computer and restore them whenever you see fit by accessing the dedicated functions in the "File" menu.
Additionally, the application enables you to keep logs, in order to pinpoint any potential issues more efficiently. It is possible to generate delivery and raw records from the "Reports" menu.
Handy wireless messaging system
All in all, if you need to set up a wireless messaging system for your company, you might be interested in Air Messenger Lite. It can be easily installed, requires a modem and enables you to generate logs and manage your content efficiently.







Air Messenger Lite 6.2.1 License Key Download

Air Messenger Lite Crack is a small application that helps you communicate with others instantly over wireless networks.
It’s a powerful way to send all sorts of data over the internet to the recipients who are connected to the same network as you.
Moreover, you can use air messenger to set up your own personal network at home, where you can create a wireless ad hoc network.
You can use air messenger in the following ways:
• The application’s GUI looks like a typical telephone, so you can simply dial numbers and send messages to them
• You can use your computer as a modem to send messages to other Air Messenger users over the internet
• You can send short messages (texts) to the recipient
• You can read or listen to the messages sent by the users
• You can use Air Messenger to determine who’s connected to your ad hoc network
• You can generate simple to more complex reports
• You can generate delivery and raw records, in order to pinpoint potential problems in your own network or the networks of your customers and others
• You can save contacts on your computer
• You can read or listen to the messages sent to you using air messenger
• You can connect to other air messenger users to send messages to them
• You can connect to.wap and.html web pages
• You can share files and folders between the devices of your network
• You can use air messenger to manage and manage online contacts (create, delete, modify, etc.)
– Every three (3) months you’ll receive an additional update to the application for free.
– Automatic backup of content and contacts (settings) is enabled.
Air Messenger Lite Torrent Download Troubleshooting:
There are several problems that you might experience when using this application.
If you’re having problems with Air Messenger Lite, here’s a list of the possible reasons for these problems and the solutions you might find from the internet:
• The application did not start
• The application didn’t receive any connection from the other end
• Connection was lost during the installation
• Hardware not installed
• The connection was not released
• The IP address was used before
• Air Messenger was not able to identify your modem
• Your connection isn’t a valid Air Messenger connection
• Your modem is not plugged in (It depends on the computer you’re using)
• There are no changes to the modem settings (You can set new settings in the main window)
• The connection was released during the installation
• The installation

Air Messenger Lite 6.2.1 Crack+ Free Download For Windows

Tired of trying to remember all your caller ID numbers and forget who called? Or are you just tired of typing in all the information that can be found on caller id cards?
With Air Messenger Lite For Windows 10 Crack you can have many caller id cards, each stored in their own folder and each one accessed with its own unique number.
All the phone numbers and other information will be stored in the database on the computer and the phone number of the caller will be displayed on the little Air Messenger Lite Product Key icon on your desktop.
If you are not near your PC to display the contacts, the program will display a message on the screen to inform you of who called you.
Choose a new caller id setting – every time the caller id card is received, the program will automatically display the number of the caller on the screen, just like caller id cards do.
Anytime you receive a new caller id card, you only have to enter the phone number and the name of the caller on a separate card.
By default, the caller id can be on all your devices and any phone can be set to display it.
Your caller id will have a unique name so you can easily manage them and set one phone number for multiple numbers. All your caller ids will be backed up to you PC with a wonderful and easy to use program called.
Custom Ring Tone.
The program have s 4 different ringtones associated to each caller id by default. But you can have n any number of custom ring tones for each caller id. So you can have a custom ringtone for all your telephones.
The program allows you to have a choice of 1 or more folders to store your caller id cards. So you can have each phone number associated to different folders and choose which folder you want to display to the caller. This unique feature enables you to have even more options.
Setting up a new caller id will ask you for a name for each caller. You have the possibility to add a name to all the caller id cards or to just add the name to the card for the caller you are currently managing. This way, you will be able to hide the fact that you are managing multiple caller ids.
With the help of Air Messenger Lite Download With Full Crack you can manage your callers and enable calling with a single phone number.
Additional Features:
* Add contacts from phone books, internet browsers, or other databases.
* Sort contact items for easy management.
* Backup and restore address book and all other contact items.

Air Messenger Lite 6.2.1 Crack+ Torrent

Air Messenger Lite is a free, fast, and wireless messaging system that enables you to connect with your devices, send emails, and get into a conversation with your contacts.
Air Messenger Lite does not require any configuration and is easy to set up and use on your computer. It also comes with advanced cloud storage features that enable you to backup your content and send messages from the cloud whenever you want. Air Messenger Lite is free for use.

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Has anyone heard of this app called Air Messenger Lite. It looks like a great way to group ppl quickly together. One person can send a text out to everyone in group. You can also send images. its a free app. Free on market. Has over 200,000,000 downloads. At first i thought its a scam but its not.This invention relates to a sunshade arrangement for a windshield of a convertible.
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What’s New in the?

Speed matters when you’re sending important messages. That’s why Air Messenger Lite is a multitasking application that facilitates communication while saving on your phone’s bandwidth. With Air Messenger Lite, you can create and send wireless messages from multiple devices at the same time, as well as receive them from anyone.
In addition, you can set up multiple users to receive messages from a single device. What’s more, you can include attachments, in the form of photos, videos, messages and even voice messages.
You can install multiple versions of Air Messenger Lite on multiple devices. This gives you the flexibility to save your money and time, while allowing you to access your messages on any device or computer you choose.
Air Messenger Lite 5.12 apk (04 December 2017) Features: ✓ Create multiple personals group, with each member able to send and receive messages. ✓ Personalize your delivery preferences for each message. ✓ Manage your storage quota. ✓ Set up multiple users from a single device. ✓ Control your messages with a single click. ✓ Generate online, offline and raw records of your messages.
Camera-related functions
What makes Air Messenger Lite such a handy application is the built-in camera application that it uses as a messaging tool. You can generate messages from photos, videos, slideshows and even voice messages. What’s more, you can share them via email, social media or even set them to be read later.
How to Use Air Messenger Lite: 1. Download and install Air Messenger Lite on your computer. 2. Insert your modem into it. 3. Open Air Messenger Lite and create a new group by connecting a number of your devices (phones and pagers). 4. Set up your contact’s details on your phone. 5. Set your preferences for each message. 6. Share your messages with other mobile users via a single click. 7. Clear logs, updates and downloaded messages when you’re done. 8. Backup contents to your computer when you see fit. 9. Restart Air Messenger Lite.

Air Messenger Lite Latest Version (04 December 2017) Free Download

Air Messenger Lite Key Features:

✓ Create multiple personal group, with each member able to send and receive messages.

✓ Choose a message expiration period for each contact.

✓ Set up multiple users from a single device.

✓ Control your messages with a single click.

✓ Generate online, offline and raw records of your messages.

System Requirements For Air Messenger Lite:

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
512 MB RAM
3 GB hard disk space
NVIDIA GeForce 600 series graphics card
Windows Live or Internet Explorer 8
DirectX® 9.0c
How To Install:
Click the Download Button below to download the installation file
Click the Run icon on your desktop to start the installation
When the Setup program opens, follow the prompts to complete the installation
When finished, you can use the Free Game Launcher to play Dice