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# Choosing the overall shooting location

You often have many options to choose from when deciding where to shoot, which I cover in detail in Chapter 11. You can start out by choosing a location that offers cool backgrounds or other interesting locations that will make you more comfortable when you’re ready

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Key features

The following features are available in Photoshop Elements.

In the following table, Features |v| is a shortcut for version number.

In the following table, Features |v| is a shortcut for version number.


In the following table, Features |v| is a shortcut for version number.

In the following table, Features |v| is a shortcut for version number.


Adobe Photoshop Elements supports many image-editing plug-ins, such as those available for Photoshop from Adobe Systems, Inc.

History of Elements and Photoshop

Users have been modifying photographs and videos since the early days of the digital revolution. In the early years, the workflow involved exporting each individual photograph into a dedicated program. However, the proliferation of image editing software over the past 10 years have made importing and exporting photos quicker and easier.

Adobe Photoshop Elements continues the tradition of editing photos and images. It has a simple interface with features that enable photo editors to perform many tasks with little effort.

Sketch, Content-Aware Healing, Dividers, Framing and Tilt Shift are among the features of Photoshop Elements.

Processing a digital image involves some sort of modification. The most common modifications include cropping and resizing. There are several Photoshop Elements versions that have different features and abilities. Photoshop Elements has two interfaces: the Mac interface and the Windows interface.

How Photoshop Elements Works

The steps involved in using Adobe Photoshop Elements are explained in the following sections.

Open a photo on the LCD screen.

Click Save.

Choose an appropriate Save As option.

Click Save.

After the image is saved, it will appear in the file folder.

How to Open a File

You can open a file using either the TWAIN or Camera Capture interfaces.

TWAIN Interface

Drag and drop the file into the open window. The TWAIN interface is also available when pressing Ctrl + N.

Camera Capture Interface

Drag and drop the file into the open window.

Change Settings

The Adobe Photoshop Elements icon in the menu bar changes depending on how the software is being used.

Menu Bar Icon

When you want to change the Settings, click the edit button that appears in the menu bar to open the Edit Settings dialog box.

Settings for Edit

In the

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Patty Brard

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Maxime, opéra-bouffe, 1904
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Le chien de garde, chanson de geste, 1916
La danse du plaisir, ballet, 1916
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Péléoptère nocturne, 1918
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Amour et virtù, ou

What’s New In?

A few tools and techniques are used in almost every project for image editing. These are commonly referred to as “Intro” or “Foundation” tools. For example, the eraser tool allows you to quickly erase a small part of an image. The Free Transform tool lets you move a picture around within the Photoshop editing window.

(Photoshop) Brush

Photoshop includes brushes, which are tools that can be used for creating various effects. Brushes typically are of a pen or brush type that can be controlled by an opacity setting and vary in shape, size, and type. Brushes are available for both the background and foreground, which means that you can create a picture by painting over a background or, in reverse, paint something onto a background. There are also multicolor brushes, which are generally used to create a mosaic effect.

Brushes can be used in a number of ways: You can paint an image with a brush for cleaning up an image; you can paint with a brush to remove sections of an image; you can paint with a brush to create or enhance an image; and you can use a brush to paint with an effect, such as drop shadow or bevel, or colorize an image.


You can get even more creative with brushes, by combining them. For example, you can paint with a brush and then paint over the paint to make the image look like a painting. You can paint with a brush and then scan a brush stroke so that the image will look like a scan. By combining brush and pen tools, you can create some very impressive designs.

In this chapter, I’ll show you how to use brushes, including how to paint with a variety of brush types and how to use the Free Transform function and other tools to reposition an image.


The brush tool is located in the Tools panel of Photoshop, as shown in Figure 2.1. You use the brush tool in an image’s layer to create the effect.

Figure 2.1

You create a layer for a project by making a selection or by creating a new layer in the layers palette, depending on the project. Click with the Brush tool on the New Layer icon in the layers palette to add a new layer.

To paint over an image, click on the image and then press and hold down the mouse button and then move the mouse pointer onto the canvas.

System Requirements For Free Photoshop Without Download:

Intel i5 with 8gb RAM
The base game is a large download, so it may take up to an hour to download it all, especially if you haven’t previously downloaded patches or expansions.
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If the video settings on your computer are not set to full-screen or if you are not using a 16:9 aspect ratio monitor, you may experience some pixelation